Friday, October 15, 2010

Would you rather...

It's no secret that I love a good q&a! :) The so-sweet Lindsay over at lee la la posted these "Would you rather..." questions, so I thought I'd answer them. Just trying to kill time before I leave work, go pick Mia up from the sitters and bring her back to work with me for "Mia Friday" :) That's what the girls at work call it when I bring her in to visit! :)

*would you rather spend a week on the beach or a week on the slopes? DEFINITELY a week on the beach. I've never "been on the slopes" because I'm not a fan of snow or cold! :)

*how old are you? 29

*are you single…married..or divorced? married

*would you rather watch ‘hoarders’ or ‘i didn’t know i was pregnant’? I LOVE Hoarders! (is that weird?)Although the people drive me crazy, because I just don't get "it". How can you be living in a home infested with feces and rats and yet you want to save the items with poop and rat carcasses on them because they have meaning?!?!?!??!? I'm sorry, if my most prized heirloom had RAT POOP encrusted in it, I wouldn't want it! But I know, I know, it's a disease!

*would you rather wear ballet flats … boots …or flip flops? probaby ballet flats

*would you rather live on a farm …in the city….or be content in suburbia? content in suburbia, for sure!

*would you rather have dinner with Whoopi Goldberg or Regis Philbin? Hmm, that's a toughy. I'll go with Whoopi

*would you rather have roasted tomato soup or chicken noodle? not a big soup person, but I'll go with roasted tomato

*if you could travel for two weeks anywhere in the world…where would you go? an African safari (dream vacay) but I don't know about for TWO weeks!! That's a long time! :)

*would you take your husband or travel with a friend? hubby

*would you take your kids or leave them behind? Their too little. I'd leave them behind

*would you rather drive a mini van or mini cooper? mini van

*would you rather go to a movie or a musical/play? musical/play

*would you rather have a cupcake or a bag of chips? cupcake, definitely!

*would you rather sit and read or watch a favorite show? watch a show

*when was the last time you slow danced? probably at the last wedding we went to, which would have been last year.

*would you rather sit and dream or live your dream? I typically sit and dream, but I need to get out there and do it! :)

*would you rather eat kraft mac n cheese or ramen noodles? oh my, def mac&cheese

*would you rather exercise or watch Oprah? if I'm being honest, watch Oprah. I'm a sucker for her stories, especially the sad ones!

*would you rather wear sweats or get dressed for the day? get dressed

*would you rather be caught wearing your sweats at walmart or chuck e cheese? walmart

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Lindsay said...

Aww so glad you played along! THANKS Girl. I am an Oprah lover secret here! :)