Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 11

Let me get something VERY important out of the way first ;) ...I didn't win the Pillow Pet over at  i guess you could say we have  Super bummed! :( Manuel would have loved it! I know, just go buy it, but it would have been fun to win AND with Christmas coming, money needs to be saved. But, Amy's blog is super cute, so go visit! :)

Now, to the Day 11: Favorite TV Shows. I seldom ever have time to really sit down and watch television but we do have DVR so I'm able to catch up every once in a while.

In no particular order...
Modern Family
Real World/Road Rules/Fresh Meat Challenges (all 650,000 of them! ;)
Biggest Loser
Hells Kitchen
Teen Mom
Pagent Moms
Mike & Molly
Big Brother
19 Kids and Counting
How I Met Your Mother

And I'll stop there because CLEARLY I have a reality show addiction! :)


ty said...

I love 19 Kids and Counting. They live a couple of miles from my house, and they are the absolute sweetest family. Genuinely wonderful people :) It makes me happy that there are still people like that!

SayRah said...

LoL. Everyone is in to Reality TV! I'm just not a big fan...not sure why. Although I used to love The Real World!
Aww, pillow pets! I want to get some for my neices and nephews.

Kit said...

I see that both of us love reality tv! We have so many of the same favorites!