Friday, May 21, 2010

Great results of the P/T C

Not that anyone cares, but since this is a "scrapbook" of sorts for my family, I needed to post...

Manuel's teacher gave him tons of praise! She is SO proud of how well he is doing. She went on and on about how well behaved he is, and how honest he is. This shocked us! Not the honest part...if he gets put in time out for any reason, that's the FIRST thing he tells us when we pick him up from school. He definitely tells on himself! :) But we were shocked about the "well behaved" part. Don't get me wrong, he's 4, but that's the problem HE'S FOUR IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!!! :) There were no terrible two's with him, and the terrible three's were pretty rough, but FOUR, wow, four has been a toughy! :) He's never been a child to throw tantrums, EVER, but at four years old, he does! The fits he throws at home are one for the record books! :) And his "bad behavior" has even stemmed out to family gatherings where he'll get slightly rambunctious and misbehave, but at school and church he's perfect! My mom always said we should be glad he's like that, and not the other way around. VERY TRUE!!! As long as he minds his manners when he's out, behaves himself, tells the truth, and is just an all around "good" kid, I'll take it! :) And hopefully he'll outgrown the tantrums at home, or else he's going to continue spending a good bit of time in time-out. And really, who wants to do that!??!! :)

I'm so proud of my little man, who apparently is not so little anymore :( Where does the time go????

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Parent/Teacher Conference

Since Manuel is a big ol' preschooler now, tonight he has his first official (or should I say "we have our first official") parent/teacher conference. I'm actually very excited for it. I'm apprehensive in the sense that I hope there aren't any sort of behavior problems occuring that my husband and I are not aware of, but I'm excited to see how the teacher thinks he is doing. He has only been in preschool since January but I feel like he's come SO far in a few short months. I hope that the teacher agrees. I hope she feels like he is on point with the other children. That is my hope! And if goodness forbid she has any concern, it's good to find out about NOW, while we still have well over a year until he starts kindergarten (UGH! I shudder at the thought! :( and we can work on fixing the problem. When I'm doing his homework with him, some concepts that I would consider "easy" seem difficult to him. But I don't know if they are difficult because he really doesn't understand it, or if they are difficult because I'm mommy and he just really isn't interested in listening to me :) We shall see!!!!

On another note...Mia goes for her 4 month well child visit on Monday (a little late. She was 4 months on 5.18.10). I'm excited to see how much she weighs in comparison to her last appointment. I'm assuming her ped will recommend that we start feeding her cereal, but she told us not to start until we met for the 4 month check-up which I was totally fine with. If she's happy with just formula, why introduce food to soon?? :)

Updates on the conference and check-up coming soon. My babies are growing up! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

14 Years

Do you remember where you were 14 years ago? What were you doing? What did you look like? How did you act? Funny thing, is I DO remember exactly where I was 14 years ago today. I remember every bit of this day, as if it were yesterday...

My sister and I were getting ready for school, the phone rang, my sister screamed and right then and there I knew...Michele was gone. Michele Diane Gatton. The beautiful, incredibly smart, flute playing, my best friends (Veronica) sister and my sisters (Amy) best friend. In August 1995 she had a "mass" removed from her tongue. We were in vacation in South Carolina when my sister call her to see how the surgery went and we got the news that it was cancer. Cancer of the tongue in a 17 year old!?!?!? That was odd, and never in a million years in our young, nieve brains did we think it would actually be cancer, but it was. The first few months of her diagnosis were spent doing chemo, and all seemed "well" but then things took a dramatic turn downhill. She needed a tracheotomy (sp?) and things just weren't going well. I will never forget the day that she told us she was well enough to walk the mall with her mom. I felt like that meant she was well and would never die (again, such a nieve mind I had at the age of 14ish.) I remember one day standing in her kitchen, she had a purple bear in her hand (lilac was her favorite color) and she made mention of wanting to be buried with the bear. My sister and I told her to stop talking like that and to never say anything about her funeral again. She wasn't going to die!!!!! Michele turned 18 on February 17th, 2006. She was due to graduate from high school that May. Little did we know that she wouldn't make it to graduation. At one of her high schools ceremonies for seniors they presented Michele with her diploma. Michele was too sick to attend, but she was made an official high school graduate. Towards the end Michele had fought the good fight and didn't have any more left in her. She no longer had the desire for visitors (she didn't want them to see her the way she was).

The early, early morning of May 13, 2006 Michele, smiled, waved goodbye to her mom and left this earth for her Heavenly home. Her stepmom was the one that had made the call to Amy (it was around 6:30am). Michele was gone. How in the world was she REALLY gone!??! My sister Amy had just lost her best friend. My best friend Veronica had just lost her sister. What was I going to do!?!??!? One of my parents, I think my dad, rushed Amy and I over to Michele and Veronica's house. We walked in and it was just total sadness. By this point several family members had made it over to the house. We just sat around and hugged and cried. Michele was still in her bedroom (in the basement. The family wanted to wait until the elementary school kids in the neighborhood had boarded the bus before the coroner came for Michele.) We (when I say "we" I am referring to my sister and I) were asked if we wanted to go downstairs to say goodbye. We both chose not to. Once again, young and nieve...I wish I had gotten to say goodbye. Another close friend of Veronica's, Emily and her mother came over to take my sister, Veronica and I to Bob Evan's for breakfast. Now I'm thinking they did this so we wouldn't be there when they came to get Michele. Breakfast was spent in a fog, a complete aurora of disbelief. As I'm writing this post, my memory of anything after breakfast is gone. I THINK we may have gone back to Michele and Veronica's house, perhaps we went home. Actually, now I remember, we did go back to their house (sorry for all the "out of the placeness" of this post, I am literally reliving the day in my head as I'm typing.). We spent the rest of the day up in Veronica's room, doing what, I'm not sure. The following days are a complete blur. I know there was a memorial service at Mountain Christian Church and a burial. To be honest, I remember nothing of any of it, except for one thing, one thing that will probably haunt me until the day I am called from this earth...Veronica's cry. Veronica is the type of person, ever since I can remember (we met when we were 8, we are now 28), that when she cries, you know it. She has one of those "ugly" (she wouldn't mind me saying that :) , hysterical cries. During the memorial service that is ALL you could hear, above anything else, was Veronica crying! :( I remember that poems were sister had written two poems in honor of her friendship with Michele. She was too hysterical to read it in front of the church, but someone read the poems for her. Mr. Roger (Michele's dad) gave the eulogy (I think. My gosh, how do I not remember this?????) So many emotions, so many raw emotions over the loss of a person who you loved like a sister! Michele, you are missed!!! It may be 14 year today since you left this earth (it just literally hurt my heart for a second when I typed 14 years. She has been gone for almost as many years as she was alive. WOW! Her voice, her smile, her laugh, the way she got SO easily irriated at Veronica and I because we were "so immature" :)...those are the things I miss the most :)

In 14 years...the 3 of us (Veronica, Amy and I) have graduated from high school, Amy graduated from college, all 3 of us have married, and all 3 of us have become mommies. All those things Michele was never able to do and I know she would have done them all with grace, elegance and maturity. She really was just an amazing person!

Michele, I know that Heaven has been filled with the sweetest flute playing for the last 14 years. I love you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me Monday

Okay, so I've said it before and I'll say it again...I don't know how to do all the fun, bloggy "stuff" that others do! :) I've just finally learned how to "link up" so that's a giant step for me!!! I am, for the first time, participating in "Not Me Monday" courtesy of MckMama ( I'd like to be able to put the fun "Not Me Monday" logo on my page, but apparently I don't even know how to copy and paste codes :) (seriously...I followed her step-by-step instructions, and I can't copy and paste what she has. Am I an idiot!??!?! :)

It's funny because ever since I came to know of MckMama's weekly blog about things you'd NEVER do ;) I'll do things and think, "That's appropriate for a "Not Me Monday" post" but then now that I'm actually writing one, I can't remember most of them :) However, I do have one...

Never, ever, ever would I be driving my usual 45 minute commute home from work, with a screaming 4 month old in the backseat who has lost her "ninny" do a one hand on the wheel, one hand behind me searching for the "ninny". Nope, I would never! That is clearly dangerous and not something you'd do. (of course NEVER taking my eyes off the road-and that I mean (NOT being sarcastic!!!) I'm not a total idiot :) After not being able to find the lost "ninny", I'd never, ever, not in a million years contemplate just allowing my 4 month old to suck on my finger until she falls back asleep. Of course not, that would be germy and gross. Which means I would never take my water bottle, swirl my finger around in it as a means of "sanitizing" and then put my finger in my babies mouth until she fell back asleep. Nope! Not ever! I am way too prepared for this and would just have a spare "ninny" in my console for DAILY moments like this on our commute :)

**And for those in blog land who think I'm a bad mother, driver, etc. TRUST ME, me driving with one hand on the wheel, keeping my eyes on the road at all times, while one hand is "in" the back seat is MUCH safer then driving with two hands on the wheel, while a 4 month old screams her head off for 45 minutes straight, HONESTLY! :)**

Mothers Day 2010

What a beautiful, beautiful day yesterday was. Although it was chilly and SO windy all day we made the best of it. It was parent/child dedication at church, so of course we had Mia dedicated. She was SO well behaved (and so was Manuel-who got to stand on stage with us as well :) After church we headed to Chili's for lunch (I could live off of chips and queso! :). Mia decided to throw a "small" fit for about 20 minutes at the start of lunch, but after she fell asleep I got to enjoy some QT with Manuel and my hubby AND the chips and queso ;) We then headed home and took naps, ALL 4 of us!! What more could I ask?!?!? My mind wondered to lots of mommies mom, my grandmother, my sister, mommies with children who are grown, mommies who haven't had the opportunity to become mommies yet and sadly mommies whose children are in Heaven. I pray that no matter what your "status" was on Mothers Day that you were able to find joy and happiness in at least SOME portion of the day. May God bless you, comfort your hearts and allow for a great week! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Where did you get THAT name? :-)

*EDIT: I figured out how to "linky" :) Wow, that was easy!*

I absolutely LOVE "Kelly's Korner"! It's a blog I follow on a regular basis and she just seems like the sweetest southern girl EVER! :) She does a series every week called "Show Us Your Life" where she chooses topics and then writes about them. I don't know how to do all that fun, technically savy, "linky" stuff, so I normally don't participate, but this weeks topic just got me and I had to share..."Your Kids Name(s)" I still don't know how to link it up to her blog, but I still want to write about it :)

So here is the story behind Manuel Christopher and Mia Grace...

The story behind Manuel's name is pretty simple...before we knew he would be a he it was just known that he would be Manuel. He is named after his daddy, his grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great grandfather. All of their first names are Manuel, but they each have different middle names so technically he is not a "5th." My husband told me since I had no say ;) in his first name that I could pick the middle name so I chose Christopher after moi! :) My name was going to be Christopher if I was a boy, so I just stuck with Christopher.

Now Mia's name definitley has a story behind it...when I was pregnant with Manuel, before I knew he was a he, I chose my girls name and that was Isabella Grace. We would call her Bella, which means beautiful in Italian (I am Italian and my mom and all her family before her were born in Italy, well Sicily technically.) So I just fell in love with the name Isabella Grace. When we found out that we were having a boy, we put Isabella Grace in our memory banks and moved on :) On May 6th 2008 my sister gave birth to triplets, Mateo, Ian and Anthony all who went to be with the Lord. From that day forward I decided that if I had a little girl I would take the first letter of each of their names, "M" "I" and "A" and name her Mia, and just stick with Grace as the middle name because I think Grace is a BEAUTIFUL middle name. At the end of August 2009 we found out that #2 was going to be a little girl and so it became official...Mia Grace! :)

To all the mommies out there...Happy Mothers Day!! Whether your babies are grown, still babies, or living with the Lord, or perhaps haven't been born yet, know that you are special! :)

Love and prayers,