Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 (actually 20!) of 2010

So as I mentioned in my previous post today, a lot of blogs I follow are doing a "Top 10 of 2010" link up where you post your favorite pics from 2010. Hmmm, only 10!?!?! That was WAY too hard, so I managed to narrow it down to a Top 20. These have nothing to do with the quality of the shot (I'm not a professional and have your standard point and shoot (unless I borrow my mom's fancy camera! ;) but I just LOVE these pics! It was SO hard to pick them, I can't express that enough, but without further ado, 20 of my fav pics from this year! :) (most of these have been posted at some point but here they are again) ...

Manuel meeting his baby sister for the first time
Mia as a newborn :)
 Manuel's makeshift 4th birthday party since his "real" party got cancelled because of a blizzard! :)
 Settling in to watch the Superbowl
 Sleeping baby close-up...enough said :)
 My big boy got worn out and just fell asleep sitting up
 One of the first warm days in the spring of 2010. We HAD to go outside and do a photo shoot! :)
 Spring time photo shoot FAV!
 Alex, Manuel and Gwen (I have been best friends with their moms for 21 years and 15 years)
 Mothers Day/Mia's Dedication
 Rockin' out in his jammies! :)
 Manuel actually took this pic of he and Mia

 On our way to the childrens museum for our Mommy/Manuel/Daddy day :)
I just LOVE how she is smiling at herself! :)
 My babies :)
 Manuel after getting his curls chopped off (Adorable, BUT Mommy was sad! :)
It was the first time I had let her feed herself and she got SO messy. This was a shot before bath time
 At the ocean. Manuel LOVED his new boogie board
4th of July...I just adore this pic of my two babies and I

I couldn't even ATTEMPT to pick pictures outside of those of my children. That would have made it even 1,000 times more difficult.

Here's to 2011! :)

Goodbye 2010

Let me start off by saying that several blogs I follow are doing a "Top 10 of 2010" which posts their favorite pictures of the year or at least their 10 favorite that first come to mind! :) Can a mommy really pick TEN favorite pictures of her baby(ies)?!?!? No, not really! :) I am going to do this post tonight when I get home from work because I LOVE the idea behind it. I don't have many pictures downloaded on my work computer, so I need to wait to get home to do it. I'm SO excited! :) So that post will come later tonight...I know you'll be waiting! ;)

I can't believe 2010 is almost over. 2010 has been, hands down, the best year since my husband and I have been together. Everything just seemed to fall into place and really come together, personally, spiritually, "financially" (although I can't say that with 100% assurance because we aren't homeowners yet, and I want to be! :)), as parents, as husband and wife, etc. I know that I can thank God for all of it. Seriously! He has provided for us time and time again and it is truly amazing to watch. I hope 2011 brings many more amazing memories and times for us as individuals and as a family.

I know 2010 has been a horrible year for many people out there, many people who may read this, but please know God is ALWAYS there. I pray for you! I REALLY do! :) Each one of you who has shared of heartache or sadness on your blog and I follow your story, I pray for you. I've experienced heartache in my life and it is not fun by any stretch of the imagination, but I hope knowing that complete strangers are praying for you helps, albeit a teeny tiny bit! I pray for 2011 to be a year of happiness for those of you struggling.

For those of you who I follow who have wonderful, happy, joy filled lives, I pray for you too! :) There are LOTS of you, so I might not pray for you by name specifically, but I do say a general prayer for those of you who I've "met" through blogging. I also wish continued joy and happiness in 2011. And if hard times fall upon you, know that I am here, always here, to lift you up in prayer! :)

Happy end to 2010, cheers to blessings in 2011! :)

And for good measure (one of my fav pics of 2010 that I didn't take myself and that I've already posted, but here it is again :) ...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pictures Part 3 (Christmas afternoon & evening)

I have to preface these first 4 pictures by saying that although we tried SO hard to get a picture of my mom with all 4 of her grandchildren, that was just not meant to be. Manuel and Vivienne cooperated (I was shocked in regards to Manuel), but 11 month old Mia and 16 month old Spencer wanted NOTHING to do with sitting still. So, without further ado....

My mom and her newest granddaughter, Vivienne Michele
Nonna and Mia

Nonna and Manuel

Nonna and Spencer (shoe-less ;)

My new niece, Vivienne and I

Manuel and Vivienne

The "best" picture I could get of Manuel and Mia ;)

Mia playing with Spencer's new toy :)

Manuel and Spencer

Super adorable Spencer

Mia walking with my mom's help
My mom, Aunt Lucy and Nonna (their mom, my grandmother)

My sister, mom, Vivienne and I
Mia napping during the festivities at her Mom-Mom's house (Hubby's mom)

My new brown flats from MIL

I LOVE her profile-those cheeks! :)

Manuel, Mia and Manny opening up stockings at Mom-mom's house

Mia at the end of Christmas night! :)

Pictures Part 2 (Christmas morning)

Oops, one more from Christmas Eve...Mia with her Pillow Pet :)
Santa came!!!! :)
Manuel looking at the picture I "snuck" of Santa (

Running to his gifts! :)
LOVING his new bike!
No, he's normally not allowed to ride his bike in the house! ;)
Opening his other gifts

Helping Mia open her gifts

 Her new blocks (and me wearing my new Christmas jammies from my mom! ;)
Mia playing in the wrapping paper :)
Hubby's new Ravens sweatshirt

And of course, with a early morning pic of everyone else, I had to post one of myself too. It's only fair! ;)