Sunday, December 6, 2009

"D-day" is January 18th!

So, I got the word from my c-section is scheduled for January 18th at 7am! :) I can't decide if it's more nerve wracking or less nerve wracking knowing the day our daughter will be born (well, unless of course she decides to come early! :) I can't wait to meet her, see Who she looks like, and most importantly introduce Manuel to his little sister. Due to all the H1N1 precautions, Manuel will not be able to come the hospital :( so she'll be 4 days old before he gets to meet her, but I know their first meeting will be priceless! :) I could cry just thinking about it! :) These next 6 weeks are going to fly, especially with the holidays thrown in the mix. Life is about to get very interesting with two children in the house, but I can't wait! :)