Friday, October 29, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....Shutterfly Holiday Cards!

Okay, so did you sing the Christmas song in your head while reading my blog title? Okay, maybe that was just me :) But we are coming upon one of my favorite times of the year, not specifically Christmas itself (although I do love it) but the time of year when you start designing your Christmas cards to send to friends and family!!!

I will be using Shutterfly this year because they have an AMAZING selection! I'm all about the photo Christmas cards and they have so many to choose from.

My favorite card is Nativity Blessing 5X7 flat stationery card. I like that it reflects the TRUE meaning of Christmas. That is definitely what the Gomez family Christmas card is going to be this year. Now, I have to get the perfect shot of the kids! :)

If you are looking for great Christmas ideas, check out Shutterflys Wall Calendars You can use your own photos to creat collages for each month. Now come on, what grandparent wouldn't LOVE that for a Christmas gift!??!?! I know lots a Mom-mom, Buscia and Nonna who will be opening theirs on Christmas day!

And of course you need adorable holiday address labels to mail your cards and gifts. Again, Shutterfly has you covered!

Shutterfly is your one stop shop for all of your holiday needs and more!

Bloggers! You can receive 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly

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SayRah said...

Oh I love Shutterfly! They DO have a great selection! I plan on doing our cards there this Christmas, as well.
Would love your address so I could send you one! :)