Friday, October 1, 2010

30 days of truth (the final post :)

Well this is my final post of my "30 days". Although I didn't do ALL 30 days, I came pretty close. It was fun to answer random, truth provoking questions.

Day 28-What if you were pregnant right now? What would you do? Well, now wouldn't that be interesting!?!? UM NO!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Of course if hubby and I were prego, we would welcome the baby with open arms, but the timing wouldn't be great! We want to wait until both kids are in school if we have another.

Day 29-Something you hope to change about yourself? Why? There are two things I'd like to change...A) lose weight and B) become more comfortable. I want to lose weight, well, for obvious reasons! :) I'm proud of myself that I lost all of my "Mia weight" and some, but ideally I'd like to get down to my pre-Manuel weight. I have about 10 lbs to go, which is totally feasible BUT it's proving to be very hard. I CAN DO IT! :) And as far as "becoming more comfortable", I just need to stop being so self conscious. Why? because a 29 year old mother of two and wife should be comfortable in her own skin.

Day 30-A letter to yourself in which you tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself:

Dear Christina,
   This is going to be hard for you to hear because you don't take compliments well AT ALL! You've always been self conscious but people love you. How many people have said, "You are so sweet!" "Your smile lights up a room and just makes me happy!" I wish you would realize how nice you are and how much people appreciate the GENUINE person you are :) You are a GREAT mother (although your patience level could use some work! ;) and a pretty good wife (although that could use some work too! ;) Remember, no matter what, you have a heart of gold. Stay strong, stay positive and continue to be your happy self! :)

Your Self ;)

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