Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Reunion Part 2

More pics :)

My sister and our girls :) 

My cousin Tanya and her husband, Lee
Tanya and her daughter, Angelina (and Uncle Craig, being Uncle Craig! ;)

Rio (my cousin), Uncle Vince and Uncle Craig
4th generation (my cousins kiddos)....Angelina, Maria and Emilia

My mom (far right), her siblings and their Mom :) 
My hubby and our niece, Vivi

Uncle Craig being silly, per usual :) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You don't always need an umbrella...

Although I'm not proud of it, I tend to be pretty high strung, perhaps a bit neurotic, and always worrying about what's next, what else do I have to do, etc. etc. etc. Patience is not a strong suit of mine, and sometimes I feel on the verge of exploding over the teeniest things. Again, not proud, just speaking the truth!!!! :( On any given night you can catch me making dinner, making lunches, helping Manuel with his summer workbook, trying to entertain Mia (all while Manny is helping with something equally as important in the household OR working overtime!) and a trillion other things, all at the same time. This is not to toot my own horn or say I'm any different then ANY other Mommy out there, but I've caught myself just being there because I was trying to do SO much at once, instead of being "in" the moment, paying attention to what I'm doing, focusing on the words coming out of my mouth, and really just putting forth effort (yes, even in something as simple as much lunches for the next day). It's a complete downfall of mine, and when I stop and think about it, it truly makes me sad! :( Well, the other day I was reading a blog and this mother was writing about how a friend of hers had recently lost her young son, and of course her heart was broken, and of course she was beside herself with pain, but she had no regrets. Read those words again, SHE HAD NO REGRETS! When her son wanted something, she was there. She left the dishes, let the clothes pile up, etc. if it meant spending time with her son. I'll be the first to admit, I NEVER do that! I'm always saying, "Mia, let Mommy finish these dishes, than we can snuggle and read." "Manuel, give Mommy a few minutes so I can fold the laundry." You get the idea! I don't think that makes me a bad Mommy, I think it just makes me a real, genuine, flawed individual. There is NO doubt that I love my children more than words, but sometimes my thoughts and heart don't always match my actions. And goodness forbid it would be God's will that one of my children be called home, would I EVER want my last moment with either of them spent doing laundry?!?!?!? NO WAY!!!!!! So my desire is to be more intentional with my interactions with my children (and Manny too!) I want to stop going through the motions, but make each motion having meaning. I want to remember that it's not always about being clean, tidy, and keeping it together, but sometimes you just have to have fun!

Yesterday the kids and I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things and on our way out, we were almost to the car and it started to POUR (I mean torrential downpour, but no thunder or lightening, just a good ol' fashioned summer rain storm!) As we pulled up out front of our house (we have to walk down a long sidewalk to get to our townhouse) I thought, "Gotta get the umbrella" and then it hit's SO warm outside, there are no dangers (thunder, lightening, hail, etc.), WE DON'T NEED AN UMBRELLA! Let the kids run, get soaked, and have fun. Manuel ran, laughing the entire way. Mia wanted me to carry her, but the smile on her face and the laughs coming out of her belly as I ran (with her on my hip) is not something I will never forget! Then, completely out of character for me, we walked inside and Mia said, "I want to do it again!" And I let the kids run back and forth, up and down the sidewalk, getting completely drenched. I know this sounds SO silly, but this was HUGE for me! I would never normally do this but I thought about that mom, and her young son, and how she used all of her opportunities to live life, and not just go through the motions each day. 

Remember friends, in life, you don't always need an umbrella! ;)

I didn't get any pictures of Manuel because he was already inside, drying off by the time I got my phone out, but here are two that I snapped of Mia with my cell phone

Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Reunion 2012 (part 1)

This past weekend was our 1st annual Tumminello Family Reunion (my moms side). It was absolutely awesome!!! :) I love my family (I think I make that pretty clear on my blog! ;)) but words just truly can't express how much each and every one of them mean to me! :) My Aunts and Uncles are like second parents, my cousins are like siblings and even my cousins children are like children to me! :) Angelina (my cousins daughter) is staying with us this week, watching Mia, while Linnie is on vacation! :) We aren't perfect, we all have our "issues" but through and through we are ONE! On Saturday we had a HUGE family reunion (my family, cousins, aunts, uncles, and then my moms cousins, their children, grandchildren, etc.) at a local state park. The weather was pretty yucky, but we made the best of it. We had a pavilion, so that took care of the intermittent rain. And honestly, even though it was rainy, we were all excited that it wasn't 100+ degrees out! It's all about the silver lining! ;) Then Sunday was a crab feast at my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Craigs with just the "immediate" family (hubby, kiddos, mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother). It was just a fantastic weekend!

And for good measure (a million and one photos! ;)

 The Queen has arrived (aka Nonna, aka my grandmother :))

 Uncle Vince, Angelina (cousin), Emilia and Maria (cousins)
 Nonna and I (looking AMAZING at 82! :)) 
Nonna and great granchild #6 
 Maria and Vivi
 Some Italian dancing :)
 Amy (my sister) and I

 Mia and Poppy (aka my moms husband)
 Playing Taboo :) 
 Giving her brother a ride in Nonna's wheelchair :)
 Some of the group :)
Cousin love! :) 

Part 2, with my cousins fancy camera, coming tomorrow! :) 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2.5 years

 How in the world is it possible that it was TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO today that our sweet Mia Grace entered our lives!??!?!?! I am actually tearing up writing that, because albeit cliche, I really can't wrap my brain around how quickly time flies. What's even crazier is that Manuel will be 6.5 on the 31st. I have a soon-to-be 1st grader! :( He'll get his own post at the end of the month ;), but for now, what my Mia is up to:

~Holding strong at about 31 lbs. She doesn't have an official check up until next month where I'll get the accurate figure, but I use her as my "is my scale correct?" measurement before I get on it :) and she is 31 lbs.

~loves the pool, bath, ocean, and water in general (even if it's just washing her hands! ;))

~has a stubborn streak like no other! That girl is ORNERY, but SOOO adorable that it almost balances it out! ;) She has found herself in time out everyday on occasion! ;)

~Mia has never been a "napper" so nothing about that has changed...she is usually asleep by 8:30pm and TYPICALLY I'll have to wake her up around 6:30am to get ready for the day.

~well on her way to being potty trained! YAY MIA!! She has been saying she has to go potty and sitting on the potty for months now, but with the exception of a handful of times, nothing actually came ;) However, on July 7th we were at my sisters for a cookout. The kids were swimming in the hot tub (which they made cold so the kids could get in it) and Mia got out of the hot tub and said, "I have to use the potty". I took her potty and she hasn't looked back! Now, she's had an accident here and there, and I certainly wouldn't trust her without a pull-up on at night (although 9 out of 10 times she wakes up dry), she is doing AWESOME!!!

~If you recall, Mia was VERY late in getting teeth...she was 11 months old before she got her FIRST tooth! She does have all of her teeth now, except for those pesky two year molars. I do see one of the top ones FINALLY peeking through! :) She has the cutest teeth and cutest smile! :)

~continues to be an awesome eater! From fruits and veggies to the "bad" stuff (aka chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, etc.) to sushi (like her Momma!) She loves it all!

~you would have no clue that Mia had low muscle tone issues when she was younger...she runs, climbs, throws, just like any other child her age! :)

~still doesn't care much for TV, except for Dora. She still LOVES Dora!

~dancing machine! She will dance for anyone, anytime! :) I can't wait until she is old enough to try out dance class. Around our area you have to be 3! :(

~I LOVE listening to her talk! She is SO animated and definitely a "hand talker" (what can I say? We're Italian and she is surrounded by people that talk with their hands! ;) Obviously, as a mother, I try to curb my language BIG TIME when I'm around my children...I don't say curse words really ever, but I mean I try not to say anything "negative" (stupid, moron, etc.) in front of the kids! Well, UNFORTUNATELY Mia is in the car with me 99.9% of the time, and I've been known to say "Thanks for letting me over moron" or "Well aren't you driving like an idiot"...and now she'll chime in from the backseat, "Mommy, you shouldn't say "moron". That's a bad word!" She is too much! :)

~we can't leave the house without hearing, at least once, "Oh my gosh, a little Shirley Temple!" Her curls are out of control (in a super adorable way) and people comment everywhere we go! :)

~only drinks water and milk! Manuel is the same way which is fine by me! :)

~still in a crib and I have no intention of moving her to a big girl bed in the near future. Yes, I understand she is 2 1/2, however, she has never tried to climb out of her crib (well, one time she did lift a leg over and put it right back down! :)) So why ruin a good thing!?!? I know that the second Mia is moved to a big girl bed, her nonexistent sleeping patterns will be even more nonexistent when she has the freedom to roam! :)

Hmmmm, I'm sure I'm missing things, but that's be it for now! :) We have our 1st Annual Tumminello (my moms side) Reunion on Saturday and I can't wait! Hopefully I'll be back early next week with tons of pics. I've totally slacked on this blog, but I'm still keeping up with all of my blogging buddies! :)

And for good measure, pics from the last week or so: