Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 16

I am SUCH a bad blogger. I haven't been around to catch up on some of my fav blogs in a few days (I hate when life gets in the way! ;) AND I never posted "Mobile Monday" or Mia's 9 month stats yesterday!! :(

Mobile Monday will have to wait until next week, but since this is an on-line baby book of sorts for Mia (I have a "real" baby book too, don't you worry! :) She was 19 lbs 8 oz and 28 inches. Everything is going well. Her physical therapy is helping her leaps and bounds and although her gross motor developement is delayed (obviously! That's why she's in PT! :) she is fine in every other area! :) We are in the process of trying to get her DMSA scan scheduled (to check her kidney function), oh, and most importantly, she is super cute! (In case you hadn't noticed! ;)

Now, on to Day 16: Your dream house

My "dreams" in regard to a house are very modest (so to speak). I don't dream to live in a a huge mansion type home with lots of rooms, windows, etc. Honestly, I'm a big baby, so I'd live in fear that someone would constantly be trying to rob me! :) I just want the basics....a back yard for my children to play in with a cute swing set, a front yard to decorate for all the holidays, a cute little porch for rocking chairs (and again, to decorate for the holidays :), 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice size area for the kids to keep their toys (perhaps in a finished basement), etc. I envision the outside looking like this...
Photo courtesy of http://www.dreamhomesource.com/

But even a tad more modest then that. My husband and I have rented since the beginning of our relationship (and still do). We hope to be homeowners one day, very soon! :)

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Jackie said...

That sounds just like my dream house, too! I can't wait for the day to become a homeowner (again) either :)

Katie said...

Beautiful house. ; )

Your family is precious!