Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a sorta fairytale: Precious Moments

When I saw Mandy's photo challenge for the week, over at a sorta fairytale was "Precious Moments" I thought, "Ohhhh, I have two beautiful children, TONS of pictures of them, so this will be SOOO easy!" But I was wrong! There were so many pictures to choose from, so I just went with a picture taken at the beginning of September. This is Poppy (my moms husband), Mia and Manny (my hubby). Poppy LOVES his grandchildren, plain and simple! He is the grandfather that everyone wants! :) I just love how even though you can't see his face really well, you can tell that he has a huge smile on his face, by the wrinkles around his eyes. I LOVE how big my husband is smiling, and the almost smile on Mia's face. A "precious moment" if I do say so myself ! :)

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And for good measure...
Another precious moment :)

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Jackie and Jared said...

Awwww! Your kids are the cutest! :) Great pics!