Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gomez Family Christmas 2008

Manny opening his gift card (or e-card should I say :)

My dad, Manuel and Manny
(<---Manny and my dad
Below...Manuel at my mom's house playing pool)

Manuel diving in to his gifts!

Walking down the stairs X-mas morning and spotting his tool bench! :)

The scene I woke up to Christmas morning-apparently at some point Manuel weasled his way in to our bed, and here's what they looked like in the AM. SO CUTE! And yes, that is my glo-worm from when I was little, now Manuel sleeps with it. It's about 20 years old! :)

Hubby & I at Buscia's house on Christmas Eve

Our cute little tree :)

**PICS OUT OF ORDER BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PUT THEM IN ORDER! :) I tried uploading them in order and that didn't work, oh well, at least I figured out how to post pics! :)**

We had such a wonderful holiday, my family and I. It was filled with laughs, tears (happy ones, of course), joy, hope, and lots of gifts. I had to work on Christmas Eve, UGH, but I got off at 2pm, only to rush home, get myself ready (thankfully, hubby had gotten himself and Manuel ready! :) and head to Buscia's house (My husbands grandmother). It's a tradition, we go there every year, and have lots of food and fun! Then off to my mom's house around 7pm (also a tradition) for more food and fun! We knew that we had the job of "being" Santa when we got home (We had a My First Craftsman tool bench to put together) so we left my moms around 10ish and headed home. Thankfully the good little boy was fast asleep, so getting up to bed was a simple and quick process. Then it was time for us to get down to business. I had everything already wrapped, so all we needed to do was get it under the tree and get the tool bench put together (well, should I say my husband had to put it together! :) We were asleep by midnight! I woke up at 7am to my boys sleeping soundly, but I was just too excited! I got the video camera all set up downstairs to capture Manuel's reaction to the tool bench and then I woke them up (who's the child and who's the adult, I know! :) We sat in our bed and sang HappY Birthday to Jesus, and then proceeded downstairs. Our morning was great...lots of wonderful pictures, and a very happy little boy and hubby too (I totally surprised him with his GPS! :) and oh yeah, I was happy with all my gifts too! :) Then it was a mad dash to visit my dad, dinner at Cindy's (my mother-in-law) and then off to my Aunt's. The running around like a mad family all day, I could do without, but I wouldn't trade my family time for anything on this planet. We had a great Christmas, and never forgot what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is all about!!!!!!!

Oh, and I can't forget...Unfortunately, I can't get in to much detail because I have been sworn to secrecy, BUT, let's just say our family (meaning immediate and extended) has gotten their Christmas miracle. I can't divulge just yet what it is, because we need to get some more concrete "evidence" but I will be sure to share as soon as I can :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and blessings for a great 2009! I am going to post a seperate blog, probably tomorrow, about my hopes and dreams (and possibly a resolution or two ;) for 2009

Here are some pics of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A couple dozen burnt cookies is all the memories we need!

It all started on December 9, 2003...this was the day that we got a call from my uncle in South Carolina telling us that my PopPop (straight off the boat from Sicily! As Italian as you can get! :) had passed away. He was down there visiting my uncle with my Nonna (his wife). PopPop was gone, Nonna was left a widow and it was our job to help her pick up the pieces. She came back home from South Carolina and we knew we had to help her find a new normal without PopPop. And so, along with several other things, we decided to start a tradition that every year, in December, all the girls (women) in the family would get together and bake cookies, FROM SCRATCH! :) And every December since 2003 that's what we've done! We make memories, and make delicious cookies (typically-however this year we burnt more then not!) but most importantly we had a blast. Nonna sat at the table and supervised while my sister, my mom, aunts and cousins, scurried around the kitchen trying to make something edible! :) We had a wonderful time and I can't wait to one day, add a little girl of my own to this tradition. The holidays are all about family and being together. Don't get me wrong, we all like new things, but honestly, I'd be NO ONE without my family and I wouldn't trade them or our traditions for all the gifts in the world!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

TRULY blessed

Take a second, right this VERY moment, to stop and think how blessed you are. I know it's hard...we are faced with so many trials and tribulations each and every day that we always think "Poor me", "This can't be my life", "Can this really be happening?", "Not AGAIN!", etc. and yes, times are tough for most of us, but you have to remember THINGS COULD ALWAYS BE WORST! ALWAYS! Trust me, I know, our family has had a very rough year from the passing of my nephews ( to thinking my dad wouldn't make it through another medical bout, to my husband being unemployed for about 2 months, and every little trial in between but you know what, I'm blessed! I have a family who is truly wonderful-not just my husband and son, but my mother, my sister, and my aunts and uncles. We are blessed to be so close! We are the type of family where cousins are like siblings and Aunt and Uncles are like second parents. I know not everyone has that, so I know it's a HUGE blessing. We always tend to look the every day blessings (like a roof over our heads, a great family to come home to, etc.) and the negative always overshadows the positive. But I'm telling you to STOP and take a minute to realize the small stuff (oh my, so cliche, but true! :) When you are down in the dumps and think life can't get any worst, remember there is someone out there who would trade lives with you in heartbeat!

And let's go back to the topic of my son...I am SO blessed to have him. I know at times he can drive me crazy, and he's almost 3 (1/31/09), so he is tipping the ornery scale like there is no tomorrow, BUT I have him physically with me here on Earth, and for that I couldn't thank God more! He was sitting in the family room last night talking and talking and talking and would NOT stop! :) I was trying to watch one of my favorite shows (Survivor) and I thought to myself, "Geez louise, he is talking too much!" (I know, sue me, I'm a horrible mother for thinking that! ;) and then I stopped myself, and realized how at that moment there will millions of parents in this world, crying, missing their children who are now in Heaven, wishing they could hear them run their mouths for hours on end, one last time. I follow several, I'd guess around 30, Caringbridge sites and Carepages of children (angels and those still fighting on this Earth) and I know many of those parents would trade their best day for one of my worst days. I read about the IV, LP's, chemo, radiation, Picc lines, fluids, NG tubes, CT scans, scaniexty, MRI's, and the list goes on and on and on, and I can't even picture being in their shoes with MY son, with MY baby. But I'll tell you one thing, reading these stories and following these children (or their parents and families after the children are gone) really gives a new perspective on life. My husband doesn't understand how I do it, how I read these stories day in and out ("It's so depressing" he says and he's probably right), but talk about a wake-up call. Wow, it REALLY is! And honestly, I think I'm a much better person by following these children, I really do! Alexis, Andrew, Dylan, Brett, Julian, Coleman, Kennedy, Morgan, Morgan, Rachael, Sinjin, Trevor, Connor, Liam, and all the others have made such a huge impact on me as a person, and the mother that I strive to be!

Think about your blessings. Even if you think you have NONE, you do! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I guess I should blog? :)

I was really in to creating this blog, but I guess I need to get the word out that I actually HAVE a blog for people to come and read it :) I'm hoping that by posting comments on other people blogs people might be curious and come and check me out. The thing is, I don't know how to post pictures on my blog (or perhaps I do if it's the same way you post them on Myspace blogs. I think I need to try it!), I don't know how to do fun, crazy things with my blog (neat captions, buttons and such), and well, there is just a lot of stuff I don't know how to do that's necessary for a blog, but you know what, just like Myspace and Facebook and anything new and savy, it's a learning process. So we'll see what I come up with. First I guess I need some readers! :)

**On a side son said the cutest thing the other day! My husband, son and I were laying on our bed, just lounging before dinner and Manuel (my son) patted me on the head and said, "It's okay cutie!" :) I guess he thought I was down about something. I'm not a fan of being a full-time working mother (but you have to do what you have to do), however, those precious family moments mean SOOOO much to me. I love my boys!**