Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Recap #1

I hope all of my friends out in blog land had a WONDERFUL Christmas and a very happy holiday! :) We had a very busy, but wonderfully magical Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
We do the same thing every Christmas Eve...head to Buscia's house (my hubby's grandmother) around 4pm and then head to my moms house around 6:30pm and stay there until "Santa and Mrs. Claus" have to head home and get ready! ;)

Today, we'll start with Christmas Eve, at Buscia's...

 Letting your children stand on the counter is not only safe, but it also wins you "Mother of the Year" awards! ;)

 Like Thanksgiving, the Ravens played on Christmas Eve so I had to "give in" and let the boys wear their jerseys! :)
 The host and hostess...Pop and Buscia
 My sweet kiddos! :)
 Mia and "Santa" ;)

 Sean (my brother-in-law) and hubby

Buscia and her grandsons...hubbys cousin TJ, my brother-in-law Sean, Buscia, hubby and my brother-in-law, Josh

I'll be back as soon as I can with Christmas Eve pics from my moms house and Christmas Day (it might be longer than I'd like because it's dreaded "month end" at work, and going to be VERY busy! :))

I hope your Christmas was a blessed one! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

This weekend is going be awesome but it's also going to be VERY busy so in the event that I don't get on here again until Monday (or later next week), I wanted to say...


I wish all of my friends out there in blog land a wonderful Christmas weekend! Be safe in your travels, enjoy your time with family AND most importantly...remember the reason for the season...Our Savior!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just made me smile...

Hi Friends!

I hope your pre-Christmas week is going well! :) Everything is busy, busy, busy around here (as expected :)) I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend, not just because it's Christmas, but I'm just excited to sit down with the fam, relax, and enjoy time together. Manny has been working crazy amounts of overtime lately so it'll be nice just to have some extra time with him and the kiddos (and of course my extended family)

As you go about the hussle and bussle of these these next few days please take a moment to remember the REAL reason of the Manuel so adorably put it, "Mommy, it's sad...the kids at school think Christmas is all about presents. They don't know that it's really about Jesus's birthday." SO true my sweet boy! But what's even more sad is when grown adults don't recognize the true meaning of Christmas. We are who we are because of Him and His birth should be celebrated! :)

We had an end of the year meeting yesterday, just to discuss the company's past year, how things went, where things are going, etc. Each year we have "awards" that everyone votes on (there is probably about 80+ people in our corporate office)...silly things like "Biggest Coffee Drinker and "Loudest Department" to thoughtful awards like, "Most Positive" and "Just Can't Say No." Needless to say I was shocked when I heard our HR Manager say, "The award for "Most Inspiring" goes to Christina Gomez." I was shocked, turned very red and just really honored. I know it seems silly to be handed a paper certificate with a few words on it and be so touched, but I really was. I know I'm not always rainbows and sunshine, and it's easy to get caught up in a gossipy work environment, etc. but it's nice to know that people think so kindly of me! :) Out of the 80+ corporate employees, we have no way of knowing how many people actually voted, but either way, even if it was only ONE person who thinks I'm inspiring, then I'm doing my job and trying my best!! :)

I hope to post at some point this weekend to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas! :)

And for good measure...(two awful quality pics, but adorable nonetheless :))

 Rockin' her jammies AND bed head! ;)
Early morning smiles before heading out work, school and Linnies :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

My two front teeth! :) Well, not really, but we had a big milestone reached in our house on Friday...Manuel lost his first tooth! :) He was SO excited!! His tooth has been loose for quite some time now, but he wouldn't allow me to touch it to see exactly how loose it was, so I wasn't sure when it would be coming out. Well, at afterschool care on Friday he was accidentally hit in the mouth with a Wii remote, and it knocked his tooth out! :) He looks so cute! I don't care what the running rate is for a tooth these days, because to be honest, I think children are raised to have SUCH high expectations for certain thing (ie. losing a tooth). Now don't get me wrong, YES, it's a HUGE deal, and we made a very big deal about it, but there was no way this Tooth Fairy was leaving $5, $10, $15 (all figures I've heard mentioned)...she left Manuel a crisp $1 bill and my sweet boy could not have been any happier!!!! He was SO excited that he woke up around 4am to share the news! ;)

You can't really tell in this picture (with my cell phone) but he is missing a bottom front tooth :)
(He's in his jammies...we don't wear sleeveless clothes in the winter but he LOVES this jammie shirt! :))

We also celebrated my niece Vivienne's 1st Birthday, a la a Snow Princess theme that was absolutely adorable! I'll share pics sometime this week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! One week until Christmas, YAY!!!!! :) 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our weekend

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter/Christmas in Maryland! I love Christmas, but I am NOT a fan of cold or snow! :( This is the first weekend where it actually felt like winter around these parts (even though I know it's not "technically" winter) I could deal with 60-70 degree temps year round, but unfortunately that's not Maryland for ya, and the cold was bound to come! :)

My girlfriends and I try to get together at least once a month, typically doing something with our children. Yesterday a few of us met up and went to a local farm for some festive fun! :) It was C-H-I-L-L-Y out but we bundled up and had a blast. I was worried that Mia wouldn't be able to go since she's been sick, but she's on the mend so I decided to take her. Sometimes the fresh air (no matter how chilly it might be! ;)) is good for the soul). We had a great time! Afterwards we headed to a local pizza shop for lunch and just enjoyed some quality girlfriend/children time. Yesterday was church and small group. I'm SO glad that I decided to get over my extreme shyness and try out a couples small group at church...although I have yet to say a single word in group, it was a big enough hurdle just to get me through the door, so I'm proud of myself! :) I already feel more connected to our church just from the few times we've gone to small group. I hope as time passes I open up more and really connect with these people on a personal basis! :)

My prayer is that you all have had a wonderful weekend! Back to work today but honestly, between now and New Years, work seems more fun then anything with pot lucks, gift exchanges, baskets of goodies coming in daily from our investors, etc.! :) (not good on the waistline, but fun, nonetheless! :))

And for good measure....
The kids bundled up and ready to go! :)
There was a train at the farm that took you on ride around the entire farm. It was very cute! :)

 Mia riding her pink tractor :)
 Manuel patiently waiting for the train

Tractor/airplane stand-off ;)

Happy Monday friends! I hope your week is wonderful! :) 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday (and an update)

Hello friends and Happy Friday!

Sorry to keep everyone hanging in regards to my post yesterday (thank for your sweet words and prayers :)) I haven't been able to update sooner because I've been working from home yesterday and today AND Mia is sick! :( Just a cold, but her nose and eyes are leaking like faucets, so trying to balance that, with actually getting work done, it's a hard balance! :) But I am SO thankful to have a job where I can work from home when need be.

BUT, back to my update...the surgeon told me yesterday that he does not think it's a hernia. He said he thinks it's a pulled muscle or strain. I have never heard of a pulled muscle or strain causing a "lump" (mass, whatever you want to call it) however, I'm not a doctor, so I'll take his word for it .Dr. F said it could take 2-3 weeks for it to heal, so that's what I'll do...I'll take it easy, and wait 2-3 weeks, BUT you better believe if this time next month that lump is still there I will be going back to my doctor and asking for a second opinion. I tend to let things go when it comes to myself (I think us mommies just naturally put ourselves 3rd, 4th, 5th down the list) but with something like a mass, that's just not something I'm going to mess with. Don't get me wrong, I want nothing more then for this to be nothing at all but I'm still going to be keeping an eye on it, and worrying about myself! :)

Take care friends and have a great weekend! I have to get back to work! :(

And for good measure...

Our Cookie Bake of 2011 (this year we built gingerbread houses-SO much fun! :))
(L-R...My Aunt Lucy, my niece Vivienne, my sister Amy, my grandmother, Nonna :), my mom, my cousin, Megan, Mia and I :))
My sweet, Mia Grace
Our 2011 personalized family ornament (we've gotten one every year since our first Christmas together in 2005 :))

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NOT Wordless Wednesday

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! :)

I hope you all are doing well. Thinking of and praying for those very dear blogging friends of mine who are struggling today. You know who you are, and please know that I am praying! :)

Speaking of prayers, if you have a few extra ones laying around ;) can you send them my way? On Sunday night I felt a "lump" in my right hip area, very sensitive to the touch. I spent a majority of Sunday night, after my children were asleep, in my husbands arms crying that there was no way this could be something serious, there was no way I could leave my children. (Clearly, I was VERY worried! I'm a worrier by naturer...I've had an ovarian cyst before (obviously I couldn't feel it through my skin) that was removed after Manuel was born, and I have a cyst in my jaw (that I've had for years that is more risky to remove (could cause paralysis to my face if a nerve is hit) so we've just left it in there, so needless to say I know about that sort of thing, and I knew that this "lump" felt different. I went and saw my primary care doctor on Monday, and she thinks it's just a hernia (that will require surgery). I meet with the surgeon tomorrow. Please pray that it's just a hernia and a simple surgery will repair any problems I'm having. In the back of my head, I'm not going to lie, I'm scared that it's something more then a hernia. God is good all the time! I pray that tomorrow is filled with good news! :)

And for good measure...
Manuel was "okay" with it all (you can tell he's a bit timid). Mia looks fine now, but 2.5 seconds before this she was screaming her head off!!!!! :) Santa's elves really had a way with her, and got her settled for a decent pic! :) (excuse the quality, per usual ;) it's a pic of a pic)

Friday, December 2, 2011

About me...

Two of my favorite bloggers, Hanna and Lindsay have done this recently so I thought I'd be a copy cat! ;) (the pictures in this post really have nothing to do with the post itself! :)) I said I'd share pictures of our annual family bonfire, and I never did, so I'm including a few in this post :))

I'm weird (or quirky-I'm adding this in case you do anything of the things below as well, I don't want you to think I'm calling you weird! ;))because..

~I eat saltines with mayo (healthy, huh? ;))
~I check my door at night several times to make sure it's locked (OCD much? ;))
~I can't let go of the children's things, even as they outgrow it (clothes, toys, etc.) I'm not a hoarder by any stretch, but if I pick up something and a memory comes to mind, I have the HARDEST time parting with it!
~When I was younger I used to sleep with my bangs seperated from the rest of my hair with a pony tail holder so that they would be easier to fix each morning (my family lovingly referred to it as my unicorn :))
~In high school I wrote down what I wore each day so that I didn't wear the same outfit too close together (CLEARLY I had issues! ;))
~I pretty much only watch reality TV. Even at 30, I still watch The Real World on MTV :)
~I have an aversion to stickers on clothing...those "inspected by" stickers or size stickers on clothes give me the heebie jeebies (sp?) No clue why! :)
~I HATE meatloaf! Just saying that word or even thinking about it makes me gag! It stems from my child when parents would make me eat it. UGHHHHHHHHH!
~I hate feet, even my own (oh, but I do love my childrens! :))

Mia all decked out for the bonfire (excuse the un-decorated Christmas tree in the background. It's decorated now! :)) And the camera = not sure how to use it :)

I am a bad friend because...
~Because I strongly dislike talking on the phone! I actually avoid it all costs!
~I won't feel comfortable enough to share EVERYTHING with you! There is one secret I have that NONE of my friends know about, and never will. It's not a matter of trusting or not trusting, it's a matter of judgement

Candid shot! ;) This picture cracks me up because like Mother, like son! :) Both of us have super sensitive eyes and the flash on our camera is a tad bright, and we weren't used to it yet! :))

I am a good friend because...
~I am an awesome secret keeper!
~When I say "I'll pray for you!" I mean it and actually do it! All of my dear blogging friends who I say I pray for everyday, I do! :) Even to the point where when we say our nightly prayers as a family, if I say names out of order, Manuel will ask, "What about..." :)
~I care-genuinely, truly, with my heart!

Hubby and I :)

I am sad because...
~A (former) dear friend of mine is struggling with a serious prescription drug addiction and won't admit it. Until she gets out of denial, there is nothing we can do for her anymore, sadly. I hope she gets help before it's too late.
~I miss my dad (especially this time of year). But I'm relieved because I know where he is, there is not the constant worry of his whereabouts...he is free, happy, drug/alcohol free and with Jesus, but that doesn't mean I miss him any less.
~we haven't been to church in two weeks! And we have nothing to blame it on other then pure laziness, and "needing" sleep on Sundays because we've been working so much. LAME EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! :( We've NEVER gone two weeks without church. I can tell my soul needs that encouragement! Can't wait to go Sunday!
~my whole family won't be together for Christmas, like we were (well most of us) for Thanksgiving.
~Manuel has a "Jack Frost Jubilee" at his school tomorrow (basically a holiday festival-games, crafts, Santas workshop for the kiddos) and the Kindergarteners will be singing some Christmas songs (which means him)...I won't be able to go! :( We have our annual cookie bake (with all the ladies in my family) and it's NOT something I can miss. (its our 8th year) Manuel completely understands and Manny will be there, but still, my mama heart feels guilt about it. Manny will be videotaping it!
~my heart hurts thinking about all those families who will be going without this Christmas season. I just can't imagine! I'm not even talking about presents, although that has to be tough (especially for the sweet children), but just a home, food, etc.

My cousins (in the middle), my sister (Far right) and I, along with our children...Mia, Angelina (middle) and Vivienne (on my sisters lap). My cousin Megan (in the white) is only 22 and is enjoying life, for now, without children! :)

I am happy because...
~I have a job, that a short 7 months I was going to lose!
~my children are thriving!
~Manuel has had two really good weeks at school!
~God is ALWAYS there for me!
~I have an amazing family (extended and immediate)

Cousins in their jammies (Spencer being reserved and quiet, Mia being loud and crazy (to go with her crazy, post-pig tail hair! ;))

I am excited for...
~our annual cookie bake tomorrow. This year we are making gingerbread houses! :)
~my nieces 1st birthday party on the 17th
~lunch with my girlfriends on the 18th
~Christmas (of course)
~Manuel and Mia's birthdays in January
~Hubby's vacation time to start over again (in January) so that he can actually take time off when need be! :)

The 1st cousins (Tanya, Amy (my sis), me, Megs, and Erik (only missing Rio and Vinnie (yes, I have a cousin named Vinnie, like the movie! ;))

 The Gomez Family in our bonfire comfies :)
All the ATW's (Amazing Tumminello (my moms maiden name) Women!) My Aunt made our shirts, and each one has an adorable stick figure "representation" of each of us.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving (5 days later :))

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful annual family bonfire on Saturday (it's a post-Thanksgiving tradition! :)) I love my family more then words can ever express and even though we are spread out in Maryland, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina, we are about as close as a family can possibly be! :) Most of us were together on Saturday for the annual bonfire (minus my two cousins and their families). A great time was had by all and it was an awesome way to reflect on ALL we have to be thankful for! Here are pics from Thanksgiving day (I'll share the bonfire pics in tomorrows post). Our beloved Baltimore Ravens played on Thanksgiving night, hence the reason why hubby is in a jersey! :) (That wouldn't TYPICALLY be holiday dinner allowable attire! ;)) But I let him slide this year! ;)

I miss you all! Hopefully once I get back to posting regularly I'll hear from all my "old friends" (aka you ;)) again! :)
 Mia and I

 The weather was GORGEOUS, so we got to spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine! :)
 Mia and her great-grandmother (hubby's grandmother)

 Hubby and both of his grandmothers

 That's the best pic you can get of a 2, almost 1, 1 and 6 year old! ;)....cousins! :)
 The beautiful table
 Chowing down on some pie (a rare treat for these kiddos! :) And actually Mia was eating the whipped cream off of the pie that Manuel didn't like! ;)
3/4 of the cousins, in their jammies and ready for bed! :)