Monday, October 18, 2010

Skyline Drive Pics

As I've mentioned two or three (or ten! ;) times today, on Saturday the Gomez's headed to the mountains for the day. This is VERY unlike our family to do this, but hubby and I decided on Friday night that we were going to pack a picnic lunch and go! So, that's what we did. It was a BEAUTIFUL Fall day! We had great time. I wish we had waited a week, maybe, to go because not all the leaves had changed (like I hope they would have) but it was still gorgeous!

This is going to be a two part picture bonanza! :) This post will be family pics and the 2nd post will be nature pics. Enjoy! :)

 Mia Grace, being a GREAT traveler! :)
 Mountain Climbing Manuel-in his slip on shoes, OOPS! ;)
 Mia and I watching Manuel "mountain climb"
 Yes, she's in the car unbuckled, no, we aren't moving! :)
 Sliding down the rock-he blends in with nature :)
 My attempt at being "creative" :)
 Beginning our hike
 Mia being happy, along for the ride :)
 Stopping for a picnic
 My extremely fake cheese (and clearly I needed to pluck my eyebrows BEFORE our trip! ;) and hubby
 The Gomez's Skyline Drive 2010
I've outsmarted her...since she can't keep socks (or shoes) on her feet, I put tights on her to keep her piggies warm in the mountains! :) 


Ashley said...

Aww, sweet pictures!

Lindsay said...

what a good sport :) Cute photos momma!