Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please pray for my hubby!

I do A LOT of thinking at work (where I actually do work-work also! :) but I have something weighing on my heart that I'd like to ask you to pray for (and if you have prayer requests, go visit Baby Be Blessed )

My husband works as a Ballistic Tech (basically they shoot guns all day, testing out armor for police, military, etc.) Needless to say it's a primarily male driven occupation so he is surrounded by guys all day, every day! If you happened to read my post from about a week or so ago, my husband has come VERY far in his life recently. He completely gave himself to God and tries to be a good person (not perfect, but good!) He does not hide the fact that he is Christian at work, and they all know that he attends church regularly, goes to Bible Studay, etc. And he is CONSTANTLY teased about, yes, BY GROWN MEN! And I don't mean, fun, good intented teasing, giving him a hard time. I mean downright RUDE comments, on a daily basis. Manny is "rough and tough" but a person can only take SO much. In conversation it came out that we had sponosored a Compassion child a few weeks ago, and oh my goodness, just more fuel for their fire to make fun of him!!!! How can you possibly berade someone for helping a poor child in another country, I'm not really sure BUT they manage to do it! It breaks my heart every day to hear him tell me the things that they say to him. He stands strong in his convictions but as I said, everyone breaks at some point. We NEED this job for our families livelihood, so it's not a matter of him just quitting and finding another job. I just wish people wouldn't be so cruel! I know life isn't always butterflies and fairytales BUT enough is enough! It's not like he sits there all day preaching to these co-workers and shoving religion down their throat. That is not the case AT ALL! But he will be honest if asked about it.

I know this may seem "petty" to some, but when you see such a big, tough ol' teddy bear being bothered by something, it really can be heartbreaking. Please pray for Manny that he is able to stay strong and block it out as much as possible. Also, please pray for these "men" who do this on a daily basis. These are 23+ year old ADULTS doing this.

Thanks for listening, well reading! :)

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Divine Mrs D said...

I'm sorry about that. My office is not exactly the same, but no one around me believes. Fortunately, they've come around and respect me for my faith. One of my co-workers joked that he was glad when I came back from vacation because God wouldn't strike the building if I was in it. ;) Praying for you!