Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm SOOOO excited...(misc ramblings)

And no, it's not another photo challenge entry ;) Sorry for 3 in ONE day! I don't mean to bog down your Google Dashboard thingy (that sounds technical ;).

There are several blogs that I follow where the children are close to Mia's age (she'll be 1 on January 18, 2011) and the mommies have been talking about themes for their childrens 1st birthday parties. I went in to full panice mode because I HAD NOT STARTED PLANNING!?!?!??!??!?! I had done a tiny bit of research, but nothing I found seemed appropriate for a winter birthday. But have no fear my friends, Mia's theme is picked and I am SOOOO excited! Her theme will be Winter ONEderland...snowmen, snowflakes, penguins, polar bears, snowglobes, and my very own Snow Princess (aka Mia) OH MY! :) If you Google it, the ideas are endless! I hate to admit it, as I may be the only one out here in blogland without a money tree in their backyard, but with a tight budget I think this is a GREAT theme to go with! A lot of the decorations can be made (picture snowflakes...kindergarten style! I'm assuming it's not just in Maryland where you take pieces of paper, fold it up, cut out shapes, open it back up and voila a BEAUTIFUL snowflake! :) And let's be honest, last time I checked Christmas is in December (money, money and more money) and not only is Mia's 1st birthday in January, but so is Manuel's 5th birthday (both "milestone" birthdays so the celebrations need to be grand! :) so we need to "make" much more then we "buy" and this theme totally allows for it! Win-win! :)

AND, as a co-worker of mine so wonderfully pointed out...after Christmas a lot of that "stuff" goes on sale/clearance (paper products, etc.) Again, win-win! :)

I don't want January to get here too fast because time is already flying by and my baby is growing up way too fast BUT I sure am excited to start planning and creating everything for this bash!

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