Monday, October 11, 2010

Mobile Monday and a Thank You!

Happy Monday (UGH!!!!! :)

My dear sweet, adorable, precious, wonderful, amazing, beautiful daughter Mia has decided that sleep isn't necessary. I am SOOO tired today! Don't get me wrong, I'm used to lack of sleep, as I've been dealing with it for almost 9 months BUT some nights just REALLY get to me, especially when I have to wake up (assuming I've gotten any sleep :) and go to work and be highly functioning! :) BUT that's all part of motherhood, so I'll drink my coffee and shuffle through my work day! But I wanted to post my "Mobile Monday" pic...

A beautiful Monday morning sky! :) (I wish my attitude was beautiful on this Monday morning! ;)

And a big thank you to Chelsey at The Paper Mama for picking my "Confusion" pics as one of her favorites. Grant it, my photography skills are elementary (or dare I say "preschool level" :) compared to the other people who enter her challenges, it meant a lot that, because my picture gave her a good laugh, she recognized it! :) So I get to add one of her cute buttons...

The Paper Mama
And here's the pic in case you didn't see it! :)

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