Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: Something you are looking forward to

I'm looking forward to many things in life, but we'll keep it to what I am looking forward in the near future...

1) Bringing Mia to my work on Friday afternoon for our mini-Halloween party for the employees children. Manuel won't be coming because he'll be enjoying his Halloween party at school.

2) Taking Manuel and Mia to the pumpkin patch with their cousin Spencer on Saturday.

3) Taking the kids trick or treating on Sunday evening, after the truk or treat at church.

4) A friends sons 1st birthday party next Saturday.

5) And last, but certainly not least...THANKSGIVING!! It is my FAVORITE holiday EVER! I love our tradition of going around the table at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone saying what they are thankful for. It's always a tear-fest but touching and so reflective of our family as a whole. Then Black Friday is spent celebrating our own mini-Thanksgiving dinner (Manny, Manuel, Mia and I) and decorating the house for Christmas! :)

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SayRah said...

Yay for thanksgiving! We always use that weekend to put up our Christmas tree, and of course we pig out all day! hehe