Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Funnies


I came across this super adorable blog, Triple Blessings, and wanted to participate in Friday Funnies. Enjoy mine and then visit Triple Blessings and read other funny things children and moms say! :)

-My son REALLY isn't a morning person, so it's a chore to get up and ready for preschool. I overheard my husband say to him, "Manuel, get dressed! We have to leave for school soon." Manuel says, "Hold on Daddy! I'm telling Mia (our daughter) that when she gets older the boys are going to want to marry her!" :)
-We have all sorts of nicknames for Mia but this was a first...Manuel was laying next to her after she fell asleep and he said, "You are the cutest baby meatball ever!"
-My husband was trying to explain to Manuel that he had girlfriends before he married me, and that I had boyfriends before I married him (LONG story, but Manuel brought up the ideas of marriage/boyfriends/girlfriend/etc.) and Manuel said, "When you fell in love with Mommy did hearts come out of you?" (I guess he sees too many cartoons/shows where that happens! :)
-Manuel is "reading" a book, and he is pointing to each animal and saying which member of our family the various animals represent. I said, "Who am I? Manuel says, "The elephant." I say, "The elephant!?!?!??!?!?!?" He says, "Yes mommy, but the elephant in this book is NOT fat!" :)

I absolutely LOVE this idea of "Friday Funnies"! Everyone always tells me that I need to start documenting the things Manuel says because they are HILARIOUS! And now I have a way to do it! :)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

out of the mouths of moms


*I am BEYOND excited that I was actually able to copy and paste MckMama's button on my post. I have NEVER been able to figure it out before, and no, it was never as simple as "copy and paste"! I may not be "blog savy" but I do get the concept of copy and paste! :)

Anyway, on to my post. I say a million and one things to my 4 year old on a daily basis that make me think, "Did I just say that????" but the funniest one from the last few days has to be...

"Manuel, no, you can not ride your sister like a horse. Because! What do you mean you were just pretending? You were sitting on her, saying "Giddy up horsey, giddy up!" I DON'T CARE! You are 48 lbs, she is 15 lbs YOU CAN REALLY HURT HER! Don't ever let me catch you acting like your sister is a horse again! Got it? Good!"

I just remembered another..."Manuel, stop using your toothbrush as a razor. No, you can not shave your face. Well, you can pretend if you want to, but NOT while there is toothpaste on it. I KNOW YOU ARE JUST PRETENDING! Now you have toothpaste all over your face and hair. Well that's why your face feels funny. Please stop!"

I'm going to have to start writing these things down so I can have several for the next time MckMama does this! :)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Challenge: Absolute Favorite

As I mentioned a few posts down, I love The Paper Mama. She does weekly photo challenges and I couldn't pass up this weeks theme: Absolute Favorite. You just have to pick one of your absolute favorite pics of your child/ren (pets count! :) and link up here The Paper Mama.

Being a mother of two, it is SOOO hard to pick an ABSOLUTE favorite, but I just went for a pic of my son Manuel that I have ADORED for years! He still had his baby chubbiness, his innocence, and his curls before I ever had them cut (one of the biggest regrets of my life! :) He is now 4, and SUPER cute, but not innocent! ;)

The day of your birth (Mia)

*No, this is not the day of her birth, but just a really adorable picture of her when she was about 2 1/2 months old :)

I had such a neat time recalling the details of the day Manuel was born, that I wanted to document Mia's birthday also. Grant it, her birth was only 6 1/2 months ago, but still, I want them to read this blog one day, and she deserves hers documented too! :)

From about 7 months prego or so, I knew that my c-section date would be 1/18/10 and that I had to be at the hospital by 7:30am. (Unless of course Mia decided to come sooner). But I knew that by 1/18/10, I would be meeting our Mia Grace! I went to my OB, the wonderful Dr. B (who also delivered Manuel), the week prior for my final appt and all systems were "a go"! :) I had some congestion in my chest so he put me on some antibiotics JUST to be safe! He didn't want d-day to come, and then not be able to operate because of some infection. I knew from the very beginning that Mia was going to be born via scheduled c-section. My OB does not perform VBAC's. A lot of people wonder why I didn't switch OB's if I desired to know what a vaginal birth was like, and in all honest, yes, I do want to know what a vaginal birth is like BUT having my children via c-section makes me NO less of a mother. I did not bond with either of my children any less because they were born c-section. And in all honesty, I love my OB THAT much, that the thought never crossed my mind to switch. But I digress :) ....

Let me back up some more (just for a sec :)...So a few months prior to Mia's birth we learned that the hospital where I was delivering had a VERY strict visitors policy with the seasonal flu and swine flu in full effect. Not only could I only have TWO visitors my entire stay (the same two visitors, the entire 96 hours I was hospitalized) but no one under 12 was allowed AT ALL! What did that mean? My four year old would not be able to meet his baby sister until she was 96 hours old. I would have to go 96 hours without seeing my first born. NINTEY SIX HOURS!??! I hadn't gone more then 48 hours without seeing him. I was devastated. Don't get me wrong, I understand it all, and I got why this policy was in effect, but for a prego mamma to be told that all the visions of "Big Brother" t-shirt hospital pics were out the window! :( After weeks of realizing policy was policy, I came to accept it, and began the process of TRYING to explain to a four year old (well almost 4) why he couldn't come visit his baby sister once she was born. He'd have to wait until we came home. BUT, at my final OB appt I was told that the ban had been lifted and Manuel was allowed to visit. You would have thought I had just won the lottery! It was my Facebook status for a week. I was over the moon! :) So back to the day...

I was up and at 'em super early on 1/18/10. Like my d-day with Manuel, I couldn't sleep. I showered, straightened my hair, put on make-up, etc. We left the house around 6am and took Manuel to my mom's house. She was going to keep him until Mia was here, we were settled in my post partum room and everything was good to go. We said our goodbyes, and took our last pic as a family of 3! :) And the last pic of my prego belly! :( (I can't stress it enough I LOVE being prego!!!!!) We arrive at the hospital, we are checked in, and taken back to pre-op. It's a little different this time around because we knew I was having a c/s. My nurse, Sarah (I think. I have written in her baby book) was SOOOOO nice. She gave me my awesome hospital attire, got my IV set, and then we (Manny and I) just hung out and watched TV. A couple more people meandered in over the course of my pre-op stay, listening to my lungs over and over again. All I kept thinking was, "PLEASE don't tell me that this can't happen today because of cold/infection!?!?!?!?" Thankfully I was given the clear, and I patiently waiting for the anethesiologist. He came, introduced himself, explained the procedure and was gone as quickly as he came :) Then walked in Dr. B, and once he realized that anethesia had already given me the details of everything that was going to happen, he said, "It's showtime" (that's Dr. B! He's a pull no punches Italian, straight from NY! :) I love him! I may be partial because I'm Italian. But I think I'd love him even if I wasn't! :) Surgery wasn't schedule to begin until 9:30am, but at about 10 minutes until 9am, my nurse helped me walk a few feet right in to the OR. (Manny was getting "suited up" :) This time I knew that was going to happen, so I wasn't SO scared with him being gone. But I still wanted him to hurry!)

My nurse instructed me to stay far right, away from all the equipment on the table because it was sterilized and we couldn't risk ANYTHING touching it. I was helped up on to the table (all the while trying to keep my gown some what shut in the back. I know all bets are off when you are prego, and everything you "own" :) is shown to the world, but still, I'm a VERY modest person and don't like the idea of my hiney hanging out to complete strangers! :) So I get up on the table, lean forward, the anethesiologist does his thing, and he slowly, along with my nurse, helps me lay back down. In walks Dr. B and the Dr. assisting him. In walks Manny (YAY! Total calm comes over me when I see my hubby). They make sure I can't feel anything. (I remember this time to NOT look up in to the reflection of the huge light hanging over me :) and the surgery begins. All I want is to hear her cry. That's all I want! I feel the usual tugging and pulling. Dr. B stops chatting every few minutes to make sure I'm okay. (he and his Dr. buddy were chatting about various vacations. I LOVED it! I felt totally comfortable that my Dr was comfortable enough with what he was doing that he could talk about vacation and not sit there in total silence! :) And I'm a SUPER nosey person, so it was fun to hear about their lives! :) The anethesiologist kept asking me if I was okay, and then he said, "She's almost out!" Just like that, out came by daughter, at 9:11am. She was a 7 lb 3oz precious angel!

Manny walked over to cut the cord, take pics, etc. All I wanted was for him to walk back over and tell me my little girl was perfect. A few seconds later (it felt like minutes), he walked over with our daughter, our Mia Grace! We both cried. We were parents again! :)

I was stitched back up (Not that I remember that part :) and wheeled to recovery. My sweet nurse from pre-op was there again (YAY!!!) and I was instructed that once I could wiggle my toes and feet I could go to my room. Manny, Mia and I enjoyed some very special time together. It took MUCH longer for the feeling to come back in my legs which completley freaked me out, but eventually I could wiggle my toes, and I was transported to my room. We had my mom bring Manuel in to meet his little sister and it was a very precious moment. It was a tad overwhelming for me as the medication started to wear off and I was in a significant amount of pain, but something I will never forget! :)

The next few days were spent getting accustomed to being a family of 4 (as much as you can in a hospital setting :) and getting to know my beautiful little girl.

Going from a one child household to a household with two children was a HUGE adjustment (just being honest :) and at times, 6 1/2 months later, I'm still not sure if we are all fully adjusted :) BUT we wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday

So I found a super cute blog, (UGH! Not sure why I can't link this time! :( and had to join the Flashback Friday post I saw.

My first ever best friend, Cherie, her sister Amy, and myself (in the yellow and black bathing suit...the biggest one! ;). We recently "reconnected" on Facebook after 20+ years of not seeing each other. I'd say this was about 1986 or 1987.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The day of your birth

*Manuel at work with me a few weeks ago. Apparently he's not ready for the corporate world :)
So as I spend my break time at work perusing other womens blogs, I noticed a common theme...many women have taken the time to write a post about the day their children were born. Typically those women share the amazing details of their NATURAL births and I am in awe, start to finish. I just can't even fathom the pain that is endured during a NATURAL childbirth, but at the same time, the end result is certainly worth EVERY second (or I would assume :) But in reading these posts and seeing how every miniscule detail is accounted for, I thought to myself, "I better write my birth stories down before I forget those details!" So I'm going to start with Manuel's, as his has been 4 1/2 years, and I'm sure I've already lost some of the sweet memories of it. So here it goes...

I found out that I was going to be induced at my last appt (1/27/06) which was also my last day of work. They thought Manuel was going to be a 9-10 lb "football player" so they didn't want him cooking any longer! :) I was anxious, nervous, excited, scared, worried, happy, and pretty much any other emotion a first time mother could be feeling. I LOVED being prego through and was thorougly going to miss it. I NEVER got to the "GET THIS BABY OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!" stage. I was never swollen. Never uncomfortable. I was going to miss this little baby being inside my belly. The night before my induction I was SO nervous! I couldn't sleep at all, especially knowing that I had to be at the hospital at 5am the next day (1/31/06) for the birth of my little boy! My first born! I did sleep for a few hours, and when I woke up I was ready to go (or so I thought! :) My hubby, mom and I headed to the hospital and got there right on schedule. We had to wait a short time and then were taken back to L&D. I got in my hospital gown, laid down and then came the question I dreaded, "How much did you weigh at your last appt?" UGHHHHHHHHHH! I had NEVER mentioned that number in front of my husband, EVER! Here I was, getting ready to give birth to his child, and still I couldn't mutter those words in front of him! :) I asked the nurse, very embarrased, "Can I just write it down? I don't want to say it outloud!" And to my surprise, she said, "Sure! A lot of women don't like saying their weight in front of their husbands!" SHEWWWW, I wasn't totally crazy! :) They started my IV, started the Pictocin, and I just laid there. I remember my OB, Dr. B, coming in and out (who I absolutely ADORE!!!) to check on me, and see how things were coming along. My nurses were super sweet, and all seemed well. We were just relaxing, watching TV and trying to pass the time as we had NO clue when our baby would be arriving. It could be hours, it could be days. I invited my mom to come back once I was settled. She sat in a chair next to bed and read (one of my moms favorite pasttimes) and to be honest, I'm not sure what hubby was doing. Probably saying funny things. He always has to be the "funny guy in a room" :) After a few hours, and several "checks" I had not progressed AT ALL. My OB decided that it was time to break my water. I was not scared, EVERYONE had told me, "It doesn't hurt at all if you have to have your water broken." so why should I be scared!?!?!? Well, boy oh boy was I wrong. As I grasped the bed rails, and cried, my mom and hubby rubbed my arms and tried to make me feel better. WHY WAS THIS HURTING SO BAD!?!??! Oh yeah, because the small dermoid (sp) cyst they had found during one of my routine u/s had grown fairly large, and something baby related was pushing against this cyst, and it was causing me a world of pain. Dr. B couldn't break it, but did something to "help" it break on it's own. I was able to sit back and just gather myself from the horrific pain I had just experienced. Then it happened, no, I didn't pee myself, although it felt like I had :) My water broke. And after several hours...still nothing! When Dr. B told me that I wasn't progressing I was pretty discouraged, but then he explained cyst was so large that our little boy couldn't drop into the birth canal. It was time for a c-section.

The nurses prepped me to move to the OR. They wheeled me down. I was scared, but the only thing I was scared about was having to be apart from hubby for what felt like HOURS (but in reality it was probably only about 10-15 minutes). I felt ike if he was by my side nothing could happen. He's my protector. They gave me the spinal, laid me back, and in my walked hubby. I was SO relieved to see him. I remember looking up as they started the surgery, and I realized I could see some reflection of what they were doing in the huge light hanging above me. I knew immediately that I HAD to stop looking or else I was going to vomit all over myself, right there on the operating table. Dr. B told me that I wouldn't feel pain, but tugging and pulling, and he was right. It's a pretty strange feeling to know that your organs are being tugged, pulled and moved but yet you aren't in any pain! :) My hubby, remember-"funny guy in the room", thought I needed a play-by-play account of what was happening and began to describe to me what they were doing! Needless to say that ended REALLY quickly because who in their right mind wants to hear that?!?!? NOT ME! :) A couple more tugs later, "WAHHHH" my first born, Manuel Christopher was here! 7 lbs 11 oz (so much for that 9+ lb football player! :) at 3:30pm. I cried, my hubby cried. It was a beautiful moment.

I was stitched up (not that I remember that part because HELLO, I had just seen my son for the first time! :) and wheeled to Recovery. I was able to hold my son for the first time. I was in awe. He was beautiful. There were several family members anxiously awaiting the time they could meet the newest addition but I couldn't go to PostPartum until I was able to wiggle my toes and lift my legs. Do you know what a strange feeling it is to look down at your legs and feet, know that they are clearly functioning parts of your body, but yet you can't move them!?!? It's strange! :) After lots of time, I'd say it was an hour+, I got the "all clear" to move to my room. The flood of visitors started and everyone fell in my love, with my first love (well second next to my hubby), Manuel Christopher. I was required to stay at the hospital for 96 hours (c-section laws or something like that! ;)

Truth be told...I only had one super emotional, tear filled day (in a bad way) over the course of my hospital stay. My incision was sore, my stomach and all it's parts felt like one big knot and I couldn't use the bathroom (and that was PAINFUL! TMI-sorry! :), my breastfeeding attempts were failing miserably, I was inundated with visitors (probably too many), and I had just had enough! :) But other then that, everything about my hospital stay was great.

We were discharged on a rainy, cold February day, but that couldn't dampen our spirits. We were parents, and life as we knew it would NEVER be the same! :)

And I can certainly say, 4 1/2 years later, life is amazing, challenging, loving, trying, ups, downs, happy, sad, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Up next...Mia's birth story. This was fun! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mia is 6 months old...

I wish I had started doing this sooner (like a lot of blogging mommies do) but heck, better late then never! :)

**EDIT-Mia had her 6 month check up yesterday (7/26/10). She is 15 lbs 5 oz, just shy of 26 inches and her head is 17 (inches? I think :) Her head is in the 90th percentile, per her ped, for all of her smarts! :) **

Mia today, July 18th, you turn 6 months old. I can't believe that exactly 6 months ago you came in to our lives. It seems like an eternity ago, yet at the same time it seems like yesterday! I remember the day very cleary because you were a scheduled c-section. I think mommy was more apprehensive with you because I knew what a c-section entailed, I wasn't so nieve about potential complications like I had been 4 years before with your brother. But once I was laying on the surgery table all of those fears went out the window and I was just SOOO excited to meet you. When I heard you cry for the first time, I cried! I love you SO much Mia Grace. You and mommy are best friends and although I know that won't always be the case (say between the ages of 13-17! :) you will always be my baby! :)

Okay, so what are you up to:

-You weigh about 15 lbs. We'll get an exact weight when you go for your 6 month check-up on the 26th, and we'll get an exact length. You seem big to me but you are know where near as big as Manuel was at this age. And you are in the 25th percentile.

-You LOVE playing with your toys. You have a few special rattles that you like A LOT and you love holding them, shaking them like a crazy woman :) and trying to eat them! :)

-You wear size 3 diapers, but they are very big on you! We had to move up a size because the size 2's were getting too tight!

-You wear mostly 3-6 month clothes. Some of the things you wear are 6-9 months, but they are big on you.

-You love spending your days, Monday-Friday, at Linnie's house while Mommy and Daddy work. You love watching Claudia, Jacey, and Sophie play and run around. You'll be up, crawling around with them in no time! :)

-You are SOOO nosey! Just like your mommy! :) You are constantly looking around at your surroundings and taking EVERYTHING in.

-We had to have your evaluated by a PT and OT for some concerns mommy had with the muscle tone in your arms. You were "diagnosed" with low muscle tone in your arms and shoulders. We will be starting PT (physical therapy) soon to get that fixed. They are very hopeful that after a few sessions you'll be good to go! They were amazed at how socially advanced you are! :)

-You can sit up for a few seconds at a time on your own. I think the PT will definitely help with this. They are also thinking that the PT will help you be more prepared when it's time to crawl.

-You are very particular about how you have to be put to sleep. We are trying to break you of that habit because at one point in time, not that long ago, we could put you in the crib and you'd put yourself to sleep. NOT anymore! :)

-As far as naps go...once you get to sleep, you sleep for 2+ hours, usually. As far as over night go to bed around 8pm (for the night) and then wake up once (sometimes not at all) in the middle of the night, and then up around 5-6am to eat. That is around the time mommy has to get up for work, so I don't mind :)

-You LOVE talking! You are constantly cooing and oooing and ahhing. No "words" yet (mama, baba, dada) but I know it's coming soon.

-You have tons of nicknames that Mommy, Daddy and Manuel call you but the most popluar ones are "Meetzy Peetzy" (by Mommy-not sure where I came up with that one)! :) "Cutie meatball" (by Manuel. He's SOO funny!) "Smiley Cyrus" or "Smiles Davis" (by Daddy because you LOVE to smile!)

We love you with all of our hearts and souls Mia Grace. You just woke up from your nap so Mommy has to go get you, but I think I covered most of the bases :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RAW(e): Desserts

After I saw the RAW(e) theme for the week, I HAD to post the pic of my Aunt Lucy's delicious 4th of July dessert (that I took :) And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

Go over and visit Sami to see other awesome, untouched pics! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

And a few more...

The loves of my life and moi! :)

Crazy kiddos!

My 3 loves, my family, my life! :)

Just a neat picture of Manuel's hand in the hot (not hot!) tub :)

My first born and my angel (truly! If it weren't for getting pregnant with him, who knows where I would be today, if I'd even still be here!)

"Playing" lacrosse at Zia Amy and Uncle Mike's on the lake

Only 8 days late...

My little fish :)

Mia and her miracle cousin, Spencer

My little firecracker :)

Celebrating her first 4th with our wonderful family!

Sleeping beauty :)

I LOVE her feet in this pic!

Daddy and his little girl

Two peas in a pod

This about sums it up in our household :)

Hanging out with her Zia, Amy.

Not Me Monday

*I REALLY wish that I knew how to post MckMama's fun little "Not Me Monday" logo on this post (or any of my "Not Me Monday" posts for that matter!!!! Unless of course it's trademarked and I'm not supposed to be able to use it because that would be illegal and I would never do that, no really I'm not a lawbreaker! :) I wish I was more blog savy in general! :(

But anyway...yesterday as I was going about my day there were several occassions where I thought to myself, "I have to remember this for my NMM post" and now that I am sitting down to type it I only remember a few!!!

I certainly would NEVER EVER forgo breakfast before church (which is about a total of 3 hours between the sermon and teaching Sunday school) with the knowledge that a trip to Costco was in store for Mia and I after church and I could just eat "lunch" there. And by lunch, I mean samples! :) A civilized human being would NEVER go sample-eating-crazy in a Costco and eat such an array of samples that I felt full after leaving. Never Ever! :)

In that same Costco trip I would never forget that Mia had a poopy diaper until AFTER we got back out to the car, therefore forcing me to change her in the front seat. A seasoned mother would never do such a thing. The minute she smells poop it is her first duty (no pun intended! ;) to change the child immediately! Only bad mothers forget to change their children at the first sight/smell! :)

And lastly...good parents would never trick their 4 year old son into thinking they ordered him mac and cheese from the local restaurant (when said parents had ordered out dinner) in actuality they secretly put some Easy Mac in the microwave and cooked it up for him to save money on buying a kids meal! :) Tricking your children is wrong, and so is letting them eat processed mac and's bad parenting. All meals should be cooked at home! ;)

Click back over to MckMama and read about other things people HAVEN'T been doing! ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Favorite Bible Verse

I'm participating in Show Us Your Life This week over at I'll be the first to admit that my relationship with God is at it's very beginning. I have been attending church regularly for almost 3 years now, however, at first it was just that...attending. I never really got in to the message or the preaching. Sad to say, I was probably just mostly there for show. Now when I'm there, I'm TRULY worshipping, TRULY hearing the message, serving God in ways that I can, etc. It's a great feeling! :)

My favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 2: 8-10

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

This verse is very meaningful to me for several reasons. I came across it back in May when I was celebrating something VERY important in my husbands life, and I was looking for a verse to put on a banner I made for him. This verse so wonderfully describes the milestone we were celebrating in my husbands life, because if it wasn't for God, I know my husband would not be here today!

Hop on over to Kelly's page and read about other bloggers favorite Bible verses. Enjoy! :)

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Continue to pray

Baby Bennett is here! He is TINY but obviously a fighter. Please continue to pray for him, his mommy, daddy and siblings. They are an amazing family! One glance at their blog and you will be amazed!


Our Journey To Parenthood

*4th of July pics coming soon but obviously prayers for this family are WAYYYY more important!*

Friday, July 2, 2010

Please pray!

I came to Adrienne's blog a few months back and her story is incredible. Please pray!

Our Journey To Parenthood

Family Vacay 2010

Just a post of pics of our trip to the beach last week. We had a blast! Mia was recovering from a trip to the ER that morning (long story short...her preauricular sinus was severely infected. Never heard of it? Neither had we! :) Well, we knew she had a preauricular sinus since birth BUT we didn't know that it was something that could be come infected!!!!) So she was a tad cranky and "off" but you would have never known it from the pictures. She's quite the ham! :) Manuel had a blast "surfing" all day and just soaking up the rays. It was a nice time for hubby and I to re-connect too. Who couldn't use some marriage reconnection?? :)


*UGH, worst blogger ever...I can't get my pics to post below my introductory paragraph AND I can't figure out how to rotate the one adorable pic of Mia. Oh well, enjoy anyway! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day of Blog Silence for Cohen

*Wish I knew of this before my last post*

Raw(e): Summertime

I LOVE taking pictures. Mainly of my children, but pictures in general are a passion of mine. I NEVER, not one single solitary time have EVER edited any of my pictures. Oh trust me, it's not because I think I am THAT good at photography (if we are being honest, my camera cost about $100 and I have NOOOO clue how to do anything with it, other then click the "take picture" button (is that the technical term? ;) but I have never edited a picture because I don't know how. I don't know how to use any editing software, or should I say I've never tried. But ALL of this rambling leads up to something super neat I came across...Sami!
(oh wow, I just did a link "thingy"-again, the technical term, I'm sure! ;) I've never done that before, without typing out the entire website address! :) YAY ME!) Anywho, Sami does a series called Raw(e) and I decided to participate this week. Here is my completely unedited, untouched picture (because remember, I have NO clue how to do any of that! :) Enjoy!
My son, Manuel at the beach last week. He was boogie boarding, oh excuse me, he said, "I'm surfing! Surfs up!" :)