Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} have you ever seen a ghost?

Well, this is up for debate...when I was younger we lived in a house that we (later) found out was built on an Native American burial ground. I ALWAYS thought I saw skeletons dancing in hallway in a fire pit (weird, I know) but true. Now could it have been a dream? Possibly. Could it have been ghosts/spirits? Possibly. If you believe in that sort of stuff.

{two} when was the last time you dressed up for halloween?
2008. We had a thing at work and I just put on a Raven's jersey, painted black under my eyes, and I was a football player. Creative, no? :)

{three} what’s your favorite candy?
Candy, candy? Sour Patch Kids

{four} did you have a favorite costume growing up?
I loved them all!

{five} did you carve pumpkins this year?
Not yet. And I'm guessing we probably won't since it's October 27th :) BUT we did last year.

{six} what’s your favorite scary movie?
I HATE being scared, but I love scary movies. Weird, I know. I can't pick a favorite.

{seven} haunted houses or corn mazes?
Corn mazes

{eight} are you superstitious?
To some extent

{nine} have you ever owned a black cat?
Black and grey

{ten} what are you plans for this coming halloween?
We will take the kids to the "Trunk or Treat" at church, and then head out trick or treating in the neighborhood where my hubby grew up.


Mandy said...

my favorite candy is also sour patch kids!! great minds... :-)

AmyLee said...

ok woah, that story about skeletons dancing in the hallway is f.r.e.a.k.y. that's the stuff nightmares are made of!