Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I don't have much to say today because I'm feeling a little under the weather. That is A-O-K though because I'd rather be sick today...as long as I'm well by Saturday! What is Saturday you ask? (or didn't ;) it will be my first night out with the girls in well over a year!! So needless to say, this Momma is in DESPERATE need of some girl time! :) I'm sure the majority of the time will be spent thinking or talking about my children, but it'll still be fun! :) We are all heading out around 4pm to go bridesmaid dress shopping (my friend Mary is getting married in June 2010) and then heading out for dinner and drinks. Dare I say I'll actually have a Steppin Out Saturday post on Sunday morning!??!?! YAY me!!! :) My hubby's grandmother is coming down to visit hubby and the kiddos. She's just going to spend the night which works out perfectly so hubby can come and pick me up when I'm ready to come home! :)

And for good measure...
Oh the days of getting a "real" picture of Manuel are long gone!!! :)
 I ADORE this picture of Manny and Mia!
 What I wear when I'm NOT Stepping Out ;)...don't be jealous of my Sn00py Christmas pants! :)
My beautiful little girl, standing! :) Her physical therapy is working wonders! :) 


Jeska said...

Yay for going to have a night out! Have fun!! (I'm sure you will!)

Lindsay said...

Feel better soon :(

Alexa Mae said...

I'm sure if you're not better by Saturday, your GNO will fix you right up! Have so much fun! You deserve it.

You sure make darling babies!