Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 25

So that I can say that I participated in EVERY day of this (or at least I think I have! ;) I'm going to post today's topic, but I can't "answer" it...

Day 25: ipod shuffle
But guess what, I am very 1999(?-I just chose that year because that's the year I graduated from high school :) because I don't have an ipod, MP3 player, etc. I'm pretty old school when it comes to electronics. I don't really get all in to fancy gadgets like that. I listen to my music on the radio and CD's (GASP! :). My cell phone makes phone calls, takes pictures and sends text messages. You can get Internet and what not on it, but I don't. I'm just very plain Jane in the electronics department.

Go visit Katie and link up! Maybe you can get some great songs to upload (download? whatever! :) to your Ipod! :)

And for good measure..
A sneak peek of our 2010 Christmas card...
(CLEARLY an out take! ;) Hilarious! :)

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SayRah said...

hahahaha, love it! I can't wait to do Christmas cards this year! We should totally send each other cards this year! :)
And p.s.--you wear your new blog well, friend :)