Friday, November 19, 2010


Okay, that was a bit dramatic and completely unnecessary, but now that I have your attention :) ...

Something that I thought would be SO simple I am having the hardest time with, so I thought I would reach out to my blogging friends and I'm sure one of you will be able to point me in the right direction...

As I begin the very early planning stages of Mia's 1st birthday party I have decided that her theme is going to be Winter ONEderland (which I know I've mentioned before :). I plan on making most of her decorations and trying to be as frugal as possbile. As her birthday (1/18/2010) and my sons birthday (1/31/06) fall a little less and a little more then a month after Christmas money won't be falling from the sky so I'm all about FRUGAL, FRUGAL, FRUGAL! :) In keeping with being frugal, I have decided that I am going to make party favors, and have been saving Mia's baby food jars (stage 3-the biggest ones). I'm not sure if I am going to use the jars to make mini sno-globes, make them into candy jars, or who knows what else. I do know that I am going to place a personalized sticker of some sort on the outside (A)to make it look cute and B) because honestly, I don't see myself spending hours and hours trying to get the sticky stuff off that has been left behind after I removed the labels :)) So that's where I need your help...where do I even begin to find these stickers. I've googled, I've searched and everything I find is 1,000 stickers for x-amount of dollars. I don't need bulk, I don't need a ton! :) I need about 50 personalized stickers, big enough to cover a side of a baby food jar! Everything I come across seems geared towards businesses and bulk. That's not what I need! :) I need minimal and cheap!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe perhaps an Etsy shop you can recommend? I have no clue but something super easy (or so I thought) is turning out to be harder then I imagined!



Lindsay said...

Ill keep my eyes open! :)

Jackie said...

Have you tried Vista Print?

I've ordered from them before and was very happy with both the price and quality. Hope that helps! :)