Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bonfire photo hodge podge

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday? (we'll see how happy it is when my mom calls me to let me know what the pediatrician said about Manuel :)

As I said in my Thanksgiving day recap...every year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving we have a family "bonfire" (again, just a fire in a firepit in my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Craig's backyard! :) It's a tradition and we LOVE it! This year, Saturday happened to be one of the coldest days so far this Fall so the majority of us just stayed inside, especially those of us with young children. We still had a blast!!! Here are some pics, in no particular order...

 This isn't acutally from the bonfire (it's from Thanksgiving) but I HAD to post it because my cousin sent it to me and it's one of the ONLY pictures we have of Manuel LOOKING at the camera! :)
 This is also from Thanksgiving day. Another awesome shot from my cousin! :)
 Mia wearing my hats winter hat, pretending to ready for the outdoors :)
 Mia (making a silly face) and I (no, I didn't go to OSU, I just love the sweatshirt :)
 Manuel waiting patiently to make smores
 Hubby and I
 My Uncle Vince with two of his great-nephews Manuel and Christopher
 Mia, just cruising :)
 My mom was standing RIGHT next to her, have no fear! :)
 My hubby, hanging outside, chatting with guys
 Manuel and Christopher having a ball
Mia and my cousin, Megan
*Okay, that's picture overload two days in a row. No more for awhile, I promise (well, maybe ;) 


Jeska said...

Picture overload is finnneee ;) I love viewing others photos! Such cute kids in your family!!

Lindsay said...

What fun pictures!