Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm back (well, sort of!)

Happy Monday! :)

It's SO hard to get back in to the swing of working, after having 4 days off. Then upon my return to work I remember that my manager has off today, and my friend, Katie (the only other person in the Pricing Department) has the flu so she's working from home. It's going to be a busy, busy day for me! Oh, and let's not forget the phone call from my son's school around 9am today saying, "Mrs. Gomez, this is Mr. Gary, one of Manuel's teachers. He has some sort of "eye thing" going on and we need you to come pick him up, and take him to the doctors to see if it's pink eye." UGH!! Really? This couldn't have happened the last FOUR days when my husband and I were off work! (although I'm SO thankful it didn't happen over the holiday weekend. We had TONS of family fun going on and I would have hated to miss any of it!) I'm the only person in my department, who is physically in the office today, so I can't leave. My husband works in an underground shooting range, so getting service on is cell phone is basically impossible. So what to do!?!??! Thankfully my mom wasn't working today, so Nonna to the rescue! :) She's picking Manuel up and taking him back to her house for a day of snuggling, watching cartoons and just relaxing. I wish I could be there doing those mommy things, but who's next best...Nonna! :) Now, let's just hope that whatever this "eye thing" is, stays away from Mia.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I have a million and one pictures to post, and will hopefully get around to that today.

And, as I promised last week, at some point this week I MUST do a post on all the recent giveaways I've won. It'll introduce you to tons of awesome blogs I follow, and amazing shops/websites where the winnings have come from. It might even give you Christmas gift ideas.


Jackie said...

You (and your kiddos!) are SO lucky to have your mom close by. I'm really missing mine today! Hope Manuel's eye is better soon :)

Lindsay said...

Cant wait to see your pictures. Hope you had a happy thanksgiving my friend :)