Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Day Blogger Challenge: Days 23 & 24

Good Morning Everyone! I wish we were all friends on Facebook because I am doing my "30 Days of Thanksgiving" with each status update. I'd do it here too, but I'm doing the 30 Day Blogger Challenge, and really, I don't want to be on 30 day overload and bog down your feeders! :) I still need to post our pics from the pumpkin patch! Hopefully I'll get around to that later today. In the meantime, here are Days 23 & 24 of Katie's challenge...

Day 23: Favorite vacation

My most memorable vacations are from when I was younger. My ENTIRE family and I would go to the beach and we'd have a blast! My uncle owned a construction company and he did work for a doctor. The doctor would let us stay at his beach house in Rehobeth Beach, DE. I remember that the house had an elevator and a fireplace. My sister, cousins and I thought that was the coolest thing EVER! As an adult, my favorite vacations would be the last 4 summer that we've (Manny, Manuel, and this year, Mia) go to Ocean City, MD. It's your standard, typical beach town and we do your standard, typical beach "stuff" :) BUT it's creating memories for the kids and I LOVE it! Each year we get an Old Time Photo and I treasure them SO much!

Day 24: Something you've learned

Oh wow, this is a hard one because I've learned so much in my life, especially since becoming a mother. But here's a few...
-People change. Plain and simple. Even the hardest, most down trodden individual can turn their live around. My husband is a perfect example...he's been in prison, a drug addict and pretty much scraped the bottom of the "life" barrel, but look at him now. TOTALLY different!
-You will never worry about an individual(s) as much as you worry about your children. I thought I was naturally worrisome before I had children, but NOTHING compares to how much I worry now that I've become a mother.
-You HAVE to trust in God! Even in trials, darkest of dark days, you MUST believe that God is there, and God has a plan for you. It's SO hard to remember when going through a tough time, but it's the truth.
-Family is EVERYTHING! (or friends who you consider family).
-A simple "thank you" goes a long way!

Go visit Katie and link up! Only 6 days to go! :)


Venessa said...

Very cute blog...found it through the blog challenge. I am a new follower. Great post today!

Katie K. said...

Amen to #1! So so true!

Undeserving Grace said...

I agree..Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture of His plans when we're in the middle of the black cloud...That's when He sees sunshine anyways!