Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Something that stresses you out:

Well, I doubt anything I say will be anything different then most Americans, but here it goes :) ...

1) Money. I hate that I allow it to play such a major factor in my life. Do I have a lot of it? No. Do I have enough of it? Apparently, my children, husband and I are clothed, fed, roof over our head, and many extras. Pretty much anyone that reads this post is more then most others in this world. So I don't know why money stresses me as much as I do, but it does. Also, a Christian, I should always know that no matter what, God provides BUT it's hard to always remember that.

2) The health of my children and husband. It's just difficult when you see someone you love SO much hurting in any way. Like I always stress, it's never anything life threatening, but difficult nonetheless.

3) My job. I feel pretty confident in the job I have and the job security I have along with it (I just celebrated 4 years there on November 1st, 2010) BUT I work in the mortgage industry. That is a very unstable, roller coaster ride industry to work, so I always wonder "what if?"

4) And I'm sure there are a million and one other things, but that was the first 3 that popped in to my head! :)

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Lindsay said...

AMEN to this girl. I am with ya!