Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving (basically in pictures :)

Our Thanksgiving and long holiday weekend was AWESOME! I truly love my family SO much (immediate and extended). My aunts and uncles are like second parents, my cousins are like brothers and sisters and clearly my husband and my children mean the world to me! We all live in MD, NY, NC and SC so the holidays (at least one holiday/year) the majority of us get together. My oldest cousin, Rio and his family live in NC. He trains dogs for the military and travels all over the US, so him and his family being part of our "reunions" usually doesn't happen). Anyway, this Thanksgiving was no exception-it was wonderful! Every year we do Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Lucy's house. Then the Saturday following Thanksgiving we do a family "bonfire". (more of a fire in a firepit in their backyard! :) It is SO much fun! I haven't uploaded the pictures of the bonfire night, but I do have some of Thanksgiving to share, enjoy...

Before we left the house...

 All dressed up in her 1st Thanksgiving Tutu Set (Mother Goose Collections)
I hate that it looks like there is no sheet on Manuel's bed. I swear his room is nice! :)
Looking SUPER adorable! :)
This was the best pic I could get of the two of them! ;) And yes, Manuel is shirtless! :)
 This pic makes me laugh...she had just pulled her bow off, hence the crazy hair AND you can see how big her boots are through the "view" window at the bottom of her boot! :)
 My mom and her 3 grandchildren...Spencer, Manuel and Mia (this was the best of the bunch! :) 3 children- age 4, age 15 months and age 10 months don't make for the easiest photo ops! :)
 Mia and I (that is NOT my camera around my neck, although I wish it was! :) It's my moms!)
 My mom and her brother and sister (Aunt Lucy and Uncle Vince)
 5 out of 7 first cousins (Tanya, Megan, Erik, Me and Amy (my sister and baby #2 ;)
 My hubby, Manny (looking at the scrapbook that my Aunt Lucy makes every year displaying the previous years festivities! :)
 Manny and I (I hate how chubby my face looks BUT at least we look happy! :) *And ARE happy! :)
 Manny and Mia
 My sister and I (and baby #2 due December 29th)
 My mom and I (I'm hunched over because my mom is short and I didn't want the pic to look awkward...FAIL! :)
Spencer and his baby sister :) 

*I'll be posting more random pics from the holiday weekend later. I should probably get some work done! ;)


Shell said...

She is so cute in that tutu!

Glad you had a nice weekend!

Jeska said...

Love the tutu! Looks like a very nice holiday with your family :)

Jackie said...

Mia's outfit is adorable! I'm glad you got to spend Thanksgiving surrounded by everyone you love :)