Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Mondays are not typically fun in the "real world" because it means back to work! :) But today is an extra blah Monday because tomorrow is Mia's procedure and to say I am dreading it, would be an understatement!!! Please pray for her...that she isn't scared, that her being NPO (nothing by mouth) is "tolerable", that she goes under and comes out of sedation without incident, that they IV goes in without a problem, etc. Please pray for me...for my peace of mind. And please pray for my hubby...he will be strong, for me because he knows how I am, but I know it is going to sadden him to see Mia have to go through that, and since he is the one going back with her, he will have to see it all! :( Just typing this makes my heart uneasy and sad, so please, just say an extra prayer (or twenty! ;) for us! And as I always say, I know it could be SO much worst, so some of you might be thinking, "Come on. Get over it!" but it's my baby, and I just wish this didn't have to happen!

On a lighter note...I did go out on Saturday and I was so excited, but didn't take a single picture! NOT ONE!! That is SO unlike me, but it is what it is! We had a great time! :)

I'll keep you all posted about the procedure and let you know how it went tomorrow, after it's over.

Thanks again for your support and prayers! :)


Lindsay said...

Praying for you friend :)

Jackie said...

Mia is in God's hands and there is no better place for her to be! Stay will all be over soon. xoxo