Monday, September 20, 2010

Mobile Monday

Okay, so last week I started something called "Mobile Monday" (or at least I THINK I started it. I do not want to take credit for this idea if someone else has already done this but I doubt it! :) Basically this is the idea...anytime I read a blog post and someone has posted a picture from their cell phone, there is usually a caption that follows, "Horrible cell pic" (or something along those lines). And yes, typically cell phone pics aren't as great of a quality as camera pics, but they are still cute, and still deserved to be shared. With that thought, came the idea for Mobile Monday. Each Monday I will be posting a pic from my cell phone that I love and NOT posting the caption, "Crappy quality cell phone pics" :) We are going to assume that you all knwo that since it IS from cell phone :)

I would say link up, but we all know I know nothing about blog saviness, and I have no idea how to post a linky thingy (that's the technical term! ;)
My super adorable, glasses wearing, curly headed, picture hating, 4 1/2 year old at Costco! :)

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