Friday, September 17, 2010

God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!

I'm sure you've heard those words before, and you might think, "Yep!" but sometimes an event happens and you really just have to stop and say, "THANK YOU GOD!"

Where is this coming from? Well it's because of yesterday...

Mia had an appointment at 8:45am at Johns Hopkins hospital, in the main building, The Nelson Building. Even if you aren't from Maryland, I would be willing to bet that you've heard of Hopkins before (the University and/or the hospital). The hospital is known worldwide and they do AMAZING things, especially in the care of children. But I digress..Mia was there yesterday for her VCUG and kidney ultrasound. As we walked in the building I passed two security guards, who greeted me with a, "Good Morning!" and that was that. No questions, no search, no nothing. I thought, "Hmm, that's odd, anyone could walk in here with a gun or bomb and go crazy!" (Keep in mind, that's how my mind works. I'm the type of person who sits in a movie theater wondering if someone in the theater is going to get up and go crazy and hold us hostage or something. It's a crazy world we live in, and I'm well aware of that! Saddens me sometimes to think that as each day passes the world gets crazier and my children have to grow up in it!) I then proceed to the elevator where a man, who seemed very frantic, is standing next to me. I once again think, "Gosh, I hope he doesn't get on the elevator with me. He's weirding me out!" Thankfully he did not. I get on the elevator and proceed to Pediatric Radiology. The ultrasound was done first, everything went off without a hitch then it was time for the VCUG. If you take a minute to google it, you'll see, it's not the most pleasant experience, especially for a child, but Mia was a trooper and handled it "okay". We then proceeded to meet with the Pediatric Urologist to go over her scans and thank God everything was just fine. We walk to the car, get in, and head home. As I'm pulling out of the parking garage I notice a bunch of cops speeding by, but honestly, think nothing of it, because we are in downtown Baltimore City, in a not very good section, and anything is possible. We get home and I begin to feed Mia lunch. Then my cell phone rings, and my mom is FRANTIC!

"Chris, where are you?"
"I'm home. I'm feeding Mia lunch."
"Thank God! There's been a shooting at Hopkins."
"I'm fine mom. We just walked in the door. Let me go so I can turn on the news."

And sure enough, in the exact building where I was a doctor had been shot. Now please, don't misunderstand this post as me trying to garner attention for myself, because I was no where near where the shooting had taken place. The gunman was on the 8th floor and I was on the bottom floor. But the building I was in was on lockdown, and from witness reports, in total chaos. Clearly, I do not handle "crisis situations" well, and honestly, had I been there when it happened, I probably would have had a heart attack, right then and there! The shooting took place at 11:11am, and when I pulled out my receipt from the parking gargage to deduct it from my checkbook, the receipt read 11:12am. Had ANYTHING along the way not gone exactly as it did yesterday, I would have been in that building when the shooting happened. God knew that I could NOT have handled anything like that, so His timing was perfect!

Unfortunately the tragedy of the situation escalated beyond the doctor being shot (he did survive, THANK GOD). From all accounts the gunman was upset over a situation involving his mother (a patient at Hopkins), so he shot the doctor who gave him the news. The gunman then barricaded himself in his mothers room where ultimately he killed his mother, and then himself. So tragic. So sad. And that is why my mind works the way it does, because there are SO many crazy people in this world. Last night, I hugged my children a little tighter and realized that NOTHING about our days/hours/minutes are guaranteed.

For more information, feel free to read this article about yesterdays events. It was all over the national news, but I'm not sure if you all heard about it or not...

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