Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Favorites

Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE Fall! It is, without a doubt, my favorite season. If I could live somewhere that was Fall-like weather all year round (and not have to leave my close knit family! ;) I would. I love jeans, sweater, cool air, pumpkin patches, apple festivals, the smell of Fall (you know what I'm talking about! :) and pretty much anything and everything associated with it. To me Fall begins on September 1st. Although that is not the calendar day it begins, in my heart and mind today is the day! :) I typically put out all of my Fall decorations (inside and outside) sometime during this first week of September. I MAY hold off for another week or so since it is going to be 99 degrees today! :) But it won't be long before my house is full of pumpkins, scarecrows, bales of hay, Fall leaves wreaths, etc. And to add to it, Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday EVER so that just makes me love Fall even more! :) (Let's see how many times I can say "Fall" in one post ;)

Lauren, over at That 22 Year Old Housewife, did a post about some Fall favorites, so I thought since that is my favorite time EVER, I would too! :) It's actually because of a giveaway Lauren did (that I WON! :) that I first found out about one of my "Fall Favorites"...

-Visit Mother Goose Collections and see the most adorable handmade items from Paula. There is so much to choose from and she even accepts custom orders. Bows, clippies, tutu's, etc. This is what I chose when I won Lauren's giveaway

Fall? Check! Thanksgiving? Check! Tutu? Check! Adorable bow? Check! What more could I ask for?????? (photo via

-Walgreens You are probably thinking, "Walgreens? They sell medicine, personal care items, diapers, but what does that have to do with Fall???" Well, a majority of my Fall decorations have come from Walgreens. They have adorable items and are reasonably priced. Check out your local Walgreens and see for yourself! :)

-Webers Farm If you are local, you have to check it out! But if you aren't local, take time out this Fall to go to your nearby nursery or pumpkin patch. They usually always have fun things for the kids and typically are VERY reasonably priced!

-This one has nothing to do with Fall, but it's one of my current favs so go visit IF you have a sense of humor. If not, you probably shouldn't! :) It's about a mommy who clearly doesn't take herself too seriously, and has a funny way of approaching parenthood! If you need a good laugh, check it out! 1000 Reasons

I'm sure there is more, but I need to get back to work! :)

Come on Fall! I'm waiting for ya! :)


Kayla said...

I am way excited and almost bought myself a wreath the other day. I will check out walgreens! Thanks

Nicole said...

My favorite place to shop for fall and halloween decor is Piper Classics in Bucks County. They have a huge selection on their website ( and they also have a HUGE store. I can spend days in there!