Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A button?

So I'm super excited because people are actually starting to read my blog (Hello followers! :) and that makes me want a button!!! Does anyone out there know of any easy, free button making tutorials? I hate to sound cheap, but really, I have two young children, a "small mortgage" in daycare and preschool :) so free things are ideal!

Any help would be AWESOME!

Wordless(ish) Wednesday will be posted tomorrow. I have super cute pics so I have to pick one (or two) to share for WW! :)

Good night, off to watch Hoarders on DVR! :)

And for good measure...
Mia and her cousin, Spencer. I just love this pic for some reason! :)


Kayla said...

Yeah my button is one of my favorite parts. I had a friend do mine special.

I can't wait to read your post tomorrow.

Linkie Lueville said...

YOU GUUUURL! What do you want it to look like? E-mail me the pic! I can do it for you!