Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesdays: Bloopers/Outakes

I came across Trendy Treehouse from another blog I follow. She had entered a pic in their weekly contest so I clicked on the link, and when I saw the theme, I HAD to enter this picture. I hope it no way offends anyway (I'm a Christian and a Sunday school teacher! :), but it was too funny not to share...
Honestly, at first, I saw nothing wrong with the picture. My husband, daughter, son and I had a unique opportunity last month to visit a local minor league stadium, meet the players, play on the field, get our faces painted, AND get balloon animals/baseballs/BASEBALL BATS, etc. I posted the pics on Facebook and went on my merry way. Then I got a message from my mom, "Christina, I think you need to consider taking down one of the pics you posted." I went through each pic, carefully examining them, thinking that perhaps there was one where I was making a weird face, or doing something strange, and then I got this pic, and I LOST IT! I could not stop cracking up! Clearly I was just trying to get a good pic of my husband and son standing down on the field, but unfortunately his balloon BASEBALL BAT took away from that! :)


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