Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy 8 months Mia Grace!

Just hanging out with her big bro :)                 

             Being cute and SUPER "drooly" :)

Apparently I wasn't feeding her fast enough, so she resorted to fake fruit :)

My beautiful Mia Grace, today you are 8 months old! I say this in every post, but seriously, you are growing up WAY too fast! You are still my little baby though, and I THINK we may baby you a tad more then we did with your brother to try and keep you a baby longer! :) You are doing new things each and every day and it's so awesome to watch. What I really love is watching the relationship between you and your brother growing and blossoming every day. I think you two are going to be super close growing up. I know you'll have your battles, but you two are just so cute together!

Okay, now on stats :)
-You weighed 17 lbs 15 oz at your doctors appointment on the 14th (when we found out you had hand, foot and mouth disease, UGHHHHHHHHHH!) You are growing great! :) And again, as far as your height goes, Mommy has NO clue! We'll find out next month, on the 25th, at your 9 month check up. Everyone says you seem really tall!

-You continue to be a rolling machine! You will roll wherever you want to, and even right over top of things (Like the leg of your swing! :) You aren't showing much desire to crawl but you have put your legs straight out, and pushed up on your tippy toes a couple of times. It was really cute! :)

-You are still in size 3 diapers, but I think they are getting a tad snug. Which I really don't get because Huggies size 3 go up to 22 lbs, and you aren't even close to that. Who knows?? :)

-You can still fit in a last few "summer outfits" (3-6 months), but pretty much all of your clothes are 6-9 months. I can't wait for Fall to put you in little sweaters and jeans! :)

-You are really loving your time at Linnie's while Mommy and Daddy are at work. You are starting to notice Jace, Claudia and Sophie more (the other children Linnie watches). They make you laugh, play with you, and FEED YOU THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T EAT! ;)

-You have now had 4 physical therapy sessions and they are going great! Mrs. Cindy is your regular PT now (Mrs. Mary Pat was just doing it until Mrs. Cindy came on for the school year). Mrs. Cindy loves you just as much as Mrs. Mary Pat did :) She thinks you are so sweet, and can't get over how much progress you've already made. You can sit up like a pro, reach out of your "comfort zone" for toys while sitting, and then grab them and pull them back up to you, while you return to a sitting position, and all other sorts of wonderful stuff. I know with this physical therapy you will be crawling in NO time!

-You are sleeping, pretty much consistently, from 8pm"ish" to 4am"ish". You might stir in the middle of the night if you want your "ninny" and can't find it, but Mommy can't complain. You have been not sleeping so well the last few nights but now that we know you had HFMD and had sores in your throat we can understand why (poor baby! :(

-You are mastering your wave and get very excited when people wave to you! :) You love babbling, and have said, "ma-ma-ma", "da-da-da", "ba-ba-ba" and "ga-ga-ga" but your FAVORITE is "da-da-da" and that's pretty much what you say ALL the time. Daddy thinks you are talking to him, and I try to explain that you aren't associating him with that word, but he doesn't believe me. We'll let him think what he wants! ;)

-You are on to Stage 2 fruits and veggies. You eat Oatmeal cereal. And of course continue to drink your formula. We've up'd your formula intake, per Dr. K, and things seem to be going great. You are definitely less cranky. You are eating puffies and Cheerios.

-You are getting good with your sippie cup! :)
I can't wait to watch you continue to grow Mia Grace! You are going to do something amazing in this world one day. I just know it! :)

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Lindsay said...

She is SO cute! Hope you are having a great weekend!