Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend wrap-up (with lots of pics)

Happy Monday! :) I'm at work while my husband is enjoying a day off, lucky guy! Tell me how much sense this makes...I work in the mortgage business as a Pricing Analyst. I can not do my job (locking loans) when the banks are closed, but yet I still have to come to work. My husband, on the other hand, works at a ballistic laboratory, testing bullets and armour (clearly something that can be done EVERYDAY of the week) and he is off!?!? I'm jealous (in case you can't tell! ;)

Our weekend was great! Saturday Mia and I headed to my sisters for a play date with our friend Shelby and her daughter Adelyn. I have known Shelby since middle school and she and I used to be BFF's! We were inseparable. She was the first person I ever knew who was Mormon (I make that point because before my family and I knew her family I think we didn't really understand the Mormon faith and perhaps had a clouded view of what they believed) and her family was like a second family to me when I was going through a very difficult stage in my life (my dads drug and alcohol addiction, and ultimately my parents divorce.) Shelby and I were friends through 9 and 10th grade, and then when I transferred high schools we just stopped hanging out. I was too worried about partying and "being cool" and that was that (sadly :( Fast forward to 2006 Shelby found me on Facebook, we re-connected, and have been great friends ever since. So we hung out at my sisters house, the kids pulled out every toy imaginable, and then my cousin Tanya, surprised us from New York, with her daughter Angelina. It was a great time. I had wished Manuel was there, but him and Manny spent the day together, going to lunch, and having a BLAST at Build-A-Bear. Then yesterday was church, teaching Sunday school, and relaxing. I actually got super brave yesterday and decided to try on my bathing suit. And I must say, that although I don't feel 100% comfortable (by any stretch of the imagination) I am pleasantly surprised and the most comfortable I have been in years. Thank you Jillian Michaels and your 30 Day Shred! :) I still have a WAYS to go, but progress is progress! :)

And for good measure...
*Please remember that Manuel was NOT there (in case you are thinking, "Why didn't she take any pics of her son!??!?!" :) The first pic is of him, that evening, with his new creation from Build-A-Bear! :) And I have to apologize for the amount of pictures I have of myself! :) I very seldom post pictures of myself, so to have THREE (that may be a record) in one post is a bit overwhelming for me, but they were too cute (of the children! :) not to share.

Manuel and Tony Hawk Beary :) 
 Adelyn (Shelby's daughter) and Mia (that is how Mia was most of the sock and shoe off :) And she is signing "more"...that is something Manuel actually taught her :)
 Vivienne (my niece, Spencers sister) and I
 Mia and I
We handed down these mittens to Vivienne. I made Mia put them on for old time sake ;)  
 It was mild outside but SO windy so we had to stay in
 With an entire area to play, the girls decided to play right in the foyer :)
 Sweet Spencer enjoying some lunch
 Mia eating her pizza (well the crust, anyway :)
 Vivienne and I (I LOVE her little smirk and hand on her cheek! :)
 Mia and her moustache :) (aka Tanya's camera lens)
 My beauty! :)
 I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend! I wish I could say that the warmer, milder temps are sticking around, but in Maryland, that just isn't the case! :( We are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight, UGH!! I LOVE Spring and it can not get here fast enough! :)


Jackie said...

What cute kiddos! And Mia's outfit is SO adorable!

Courtney B said...

Ooo I have loved reading your blog!! So cute!
And your kids are JUST adorable!! I love that your little girl's name is Mia.. if I'm blessed with a girl that's what I want to name her :) But I love Mia pretty! (I won't copy the middle name I promise haha)