Monday, February 7, 2011

Where to begin?

I'm SO excited that our Internet is fixed at home and I was able to upload a TON of pics! :) I'm actually working from home today, because Linnie (the lady who watches Mia) is sick, so we are having a Mommy/Daughter day, and throwing in some work! ;) Thankfully she is napping now, so I can get some work AND blogging done! :) I'm going to work backwards and start with pics from this past weekend and Manuel's actual birthday (1/31/11). I'm going to do a few separate posts today of pictures so there isn't 300 pics in one post! :) It's going to be a picture posting party! ;)

*Please remember that Mia's DMSA scan is scheduled for tomorrow. Please be in prayer that everything goes well! Thank you! I'll keep everyone posted!
"I'm 5!" (enjoying a cupcake on his actual birthday). I told him to pose with the cupcake, and...
 ...then, plop, right on the floor! :) It's okay, there was more! :)

 This is Friday night (2/4) when Nonna and Poppy (My mom and step-dad) came to visit and give Manuel his gifts before his party, just so they could actually enjoy time with him, instead of vying for his attention at Chuck E. Cheese :)
 An AWESOME remote control Monster Truck! JUST what he wanted (and a Puffle. I had never heard of them either! :)
 Mia's turn to open a gift! :)
 My mom, Mia, Manuel and Ron
Saturday, 2/5, before heading to Manuel's party. This was her first time wearing pig tails. AHHH, I could just eat her up! :)
My beautiful children! (I had to crop myself out of this one, EEKKK! ;)

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Jackie said...

Yay for a fixed computer!...and for a Mommy/Daughter Day!...and for pigtails! :)

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow.