Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pics and an update

It's almost Friday, YAY!! :)

I wanted to post an update, now that I have spoken to Mia's Nephrologist, a few hours ago, and was able to get exact results of her DMSA scan....There is no evidence of scarring (which they were checking for), and no evidence that one kidney functioned higher than the other (they were both almost exactly at 50%, not meaning functioning at only half, but meaning one does 50% of the work, the other does the other 50% (or thereabouts) so almost perfect. The DMSA scan has no dealings with measurements, so as far as the size discrepancy goes (discovered through a kidney ultrasound months ago), that’s still something they want to track, just to be safe. It could very well be that one of her kidneys was, and always will be, smaller than the other. She’ll go back in 6 months for another kidney u/s, just as a follow-up, to make sure nothing drastic has changed. And I’m assuming in to her early childhood/school age they’ll monitor it, just to make sure nothing arises. Thank you God! Now we can put all of this kidney "stuff" behind, hopefully forever! :)

Manuel went to the doctors last night, and he does in fact have pink eye AGAIN! :( He's been on antibiotic eye drops so he can go back to school tomorrow. The dr. said that he could just be prone to pink eye (like I was when I was younger), add in the fact that he wears glasses so he might be messes with his eyes more often then most children, and there you have it! :) I'm still going to check with his opthalmologist next month (when he goes in for his 6 month check-up) to see if he has any insight. Manuel is enjoying today with his Buscia (Manny's grandmother), probably being spoiled to pieces! :)

And for good measure (a few random pics :)

 Daddy and Manuel's HUGE snowman/blob :)
 Mia being Mia ;) (she's addicted to Cheerios! :)
 Date night w/friends
 Hubby and I
Erin, Lauren and I enjoying some beverages :)


Jackie said...

I'm so happy to hear that Mia's kidney issues may be behind you. What wonderful news!

That snowman is AWESOME! :)

Shell said...

Great news about her kidneys!

Cute pics- looks like you had a fun date night!