Monday, February 7, 2011

More pics :)

The picture posting party continues with pictures of Manuel's party, at Chuck E Cheese...

 Manuel enjoying a ride
 Mia enjoying a ride :) (she had JUST scratched her face with a jagged finger nail :(
 Manuel's cake (I'm not a fan of the show, but we pick our battles, and I didn't mind the cake! :)
 Pizza time! (notice my bottle of sanitizer :)
 A sweet daddy/son moment :)
 Mia riding the carousel with Buscia
 Spencer and his daddy
Mia and Daddy
Mia and Mommy
 Manuel and his best friend Alex (His mom and I have been friends for 22 years)
Mia drinking water from a straw :)
 All tuckered out from too much partying :)
His Cal Ripken Jr picture from Uncle Sean 
 Another Pillow Pet from Zia, Uncle Mike, Spencer and Vivianne

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Hanna said... cute. I especially love the photo of you and Mia! cute!!