Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Whether you are married, singling, celebrating with friends, celebrating with a spouse, celebrating with your children, etc. I hope it's a GREAT day! :)
Hubby and I celebrated Valentines Day early on Saturday, when we went out for the 33 Miles concert. With work, getting a sitter, and all that stuff, it was just easier to do it early! :) Tonight we will just relax, eat a nice dinner (cooked by hubby. He's the cook of the house :), and HOPEFULLY get some sleep (Mia has boycotted sleeping the last two nights. And I mean "sleep patters of a newborn" boycott! Could it "just" be teeth?????? We took her to the doctors and everything checked out fine (ears, nose, throat). But when she wakes up, she is clearly in pain, crying. It seems awfully severe to be teeth, but then again, maybe Manuel was just an "easy teether" and she is being normal. I don't know! Either way, this mama needs SLEEP! :))

I think I make it blatantly clear on this blog how much I love my husband and children, but let me reiterate. They are my absolute world and I do not know what I would do without each of them. They are my rocks, my reason for living, and my world!

Since V-day is typically about "romance", let me write specifically about my husband...we have been through SO much in our 6 years of being together, 5 years of marriage. There were times that I didn't think we would make it, times that we probably shouldn't have made it. But once we allowed God into our lives, God had other plans (THANK YOU!) and here we are today, celebrating our 6th Valentines Day together, more in love then we have EVER been! :) Once he turned his life around, he is truly one of the most amazing fathers and husbands on the planet. He is the proof, beyond proof, that people CAN change! God can change the heart/mind of anyone! :)

I hope your day is filled with love! :)


Jackie said...

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day! I hope that sleep comes easy at your house tonight! :)

Lindsay said...

What cute pictures. Happy heart day!

Ashley said...

Sweet pictures! Hope y'all have had a great Valentine's Day!

Hanna said...

I love the pics with Manny and the kids!!! I jjust love babies and their daddy's") too cute!!!