Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hmmm, what to say? (Misc. Tuesday ;)

Happy Tuesday Friends! :) I feel so out of the loop with no Internet at home (I called Comcast last night, after being on hold FOREVER for 45 minutes I spoke to a human who seemed extra helpful, he put in a work order, told me it would be fixed in 1-2 hours and I would get a phone call. Do you think that happened? Um, NO! And do you think my Internet was working this morning, NO! :( I feel disconnected not being able to get on Facebook (yes, I'm lame) and even more disconnected without being able to upload pics. Yes, I can blog at work, but sometimes being at work, requires WORKING! ;) But anywho, I have been trying to catch up on my favs, and hopefully I'll be back to normal (pics and all) ASAP!

Manuel had a great birthday yesterday. He and his classmates thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes we brought in (and hubby and enjoyed the leftovers! :) We had given him his gift early (a Nintendo DS) so he won't have gifts to open until his party Saturday at Chuck E Cheese. It's supposed to snow on Saturday so lets keep our fingers crossed that his party doesn't get cancelled like last year! :( I can't express how much I love Manuel, seriously! :) He cracks me up and has a heart of gold. I can't believe he's FIVE!

Many of you have asked, and it dawned on me with all the kids birthday hoopla, I haven't mentioned it...Manny is recovering amazingly well from his knee surgery at the beginning of January. He is back to work full time and doing great! :)

Mia's DMSA scan is next Tuesday, February 8th. I feel very at ease about it this time around. I think it's because I've had SO much anxiety leading up to it the two previous times we were supposed to have it, that I know, anything could happen this time around, causing it to be rescheduled AGAIN. So, it's in Gods hands, and I know what He wants is what will happen. I'll keep everyone posted. Please pray that she goes under anesthesia and "comes to" without issue or incident.

Oh, and I  just remembered that before my Internet went down, I had uploaded some recent pics to Photobucket that I don't believe I ever posted (and if I did, well enjoy them again! :)), so...

For good measure...

 Somehow there was a Cheerio between our chair and sofa. Mia was bound and determined to get it...
 And she did! (gross, but I had to take a pic! :))
 2 out of 3 of my loves! :) (and I know, that it's not safe that Manuel has the Ring Pop base in his mouth, oops! :))
 Bath time!
YAY MIA!!! :) 

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Jackie said...

I like Mia's determination! And the fact that Manuel is wearing goggles in the bath :)