Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday night we just relaxed and hung out. Hubby has been working CRAZY overtime, so Friday we sort of just all crashed! :)

Manuel was feeling pretty under the weather, but thankfully it was just a bad cold and being the bad mommy I am, I headed out anyway for wine and movie night with my girlfriend's at Erin's house! (Just kidding, Manuel was actually asleep, for the night, before I even left the house at 6:45pm. So you know he wasn't feeling well. Poor guy! :( It was great seeing some of my closest and dearest girlfriends (who I've been friends with since high school) and although we spent most of our time talking about our children (isn't that how it always works? :)) it was still fun to get out for a few hours. We've made an effort to TRY and get together once a month. It won't always happen, but us mommies/wives need to make time for ourselves, again, even if the time is spent talking about our children and husbands! :) Our next girls night out (well actually "in") is already on the books for March 19th at Lauren's. It should be a great time! That will be my FIRST time spending the night away from Mia, EVER! Eekk, okay, I can't even talk about it, I don't want to cry at work! :)

Then Sunday was church, teaching Sunday school, and then again, relaxing. Manny is working overtime in the mornings and the evenings this week too. The extra money is great (it'll allow us to thoroughly enjoy your vacation in July) and although he'd rather be home with us, this overtime won't be around for forever, and we are SO thankful his job is busy enough to be offering it in this economy where so many people are without jobs!
And for good measure...Here are a hodge podge of pics from the weekend...
 Enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather on Sunday
 He loves climbing this tree (although there really isn't much to climb! ;)
 My sweet, sweet boy (I had to bribe him to get a pic of him looking at the camera and smiling! :)
 I have to laugh because her belly looks SO huge in this pic! ;) Clearly Pillow Pets are a fav around our house.
"Good Morning!" (and I know it appears that my children wear nothing but pajamas, but I promise that's not the case, AT ALL! :))
Friends since high school (and before), Veronica, Laur, Erin and I

*Tomorrow I have to get a DOUBLE root canal and I'm pretty scared! :) I've had a root canal before, but two at the same time, UGH! And I plan on coming to work after it's over, so pray that I am able! :) And yes, my teeth are awful. Not outwardly awful (it's not like you look at me and think, "Wow, her teeth are bad!" (or at least I hope not! ;)) but they are VERY prone to cavities and just all around issues! :( Wish me luck!


Courtney B said...

Yuck!! Good luck with the root canals :(
Your weekend sounds like it was great!! Girl's nights are the best!
And yes you are SO lucky your husband has a job..let alone overtime. My husband keeps praying for overtime but we'll take whatever we can get haha!

Jackie said...

Great pics!That sounds like a perfect weekend.

Best of luck with those root canals!