Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shutter Love Tuesdays: Eyelashes

*I'm honored that Trendy Treehouse ended up liking my entry, and picked me as a fav! :))*


If there is one thing that both of my children get complimented on all the time, it's their eyelashes! For Manuel, it's always "Little boys should not have eyelashes that beautiful, it's just not fair!" and for Mia, it's always, "My goodness, for being so little her eyelashes are SO long and beautiful." If I'm being honest, they get it from their Momma! :) Long eyelashes is just something that apparently runs in our family and I was able to bless my children with them! ;) I never have to wear mascara even though when I tell people I'm not wearing it, they never believe me :) Okay, so where is this going, you ask? When I saw that Trendy Treehouse was having a photo challenge where the topic was eyelashes, I HAD to enter! It was so hard choosing between a pic of Mia or a pic of Manuel, but as it goes most often, I have more pics of Mia downloaded on my work computer (where I'm currently at), so Mia it is. Without further ado, my entry for "Eyelashes"



Betsy said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog..
and I just wanted to let you know that this picture is amazing, and yes your children do have beautiful eyelashes... and no, it's not fair :)

This Mama Rocks said...

soo precious!!
I just wanted to stop by from Trendy Treehouse! I do fun photography tutorials over at my blog and have a Saturday linky where you can post your images! I am a new follower :) Come by and visit sometime. I love meeting other photographers.