Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things you should know if we're gonna be BFF's...

I know I said I probably wouldn't post again until after Christmas, but I was wrong. I came across this super fun link-up and wanted to participate. A lot of blogs I follow participated, and I learned so much about people, so I wanted to give it a try. You all know I have children (OBVIOUSLY! ;) but there is more to me then that. Visit Little Miss Momma and link up! :)

*I have lived in Maryland my entire life, with the exception of the age of 8-9 when I lived in South Carolina. Although I missed my family terribly, living in the South was neat. Everyone was SO polite! :)

*My dream is to be a social worker/child advocate/something along those lines. I went to a few years of community college to get my AA in Mental Health and Human Services and then just one day, STOPPED going! :( I was too worried about partying (the story of my "previous" life ;) I hope to go back, one day.

*Ironically enough I ended up in a field that has NOTHING to do with helping people! :( I'm a Pricing Analyst for a mortgage company.

*I got pregnant with Manuel after only being with Manny for THREE months! We knew each other for a year or so prior, but we had only been together THREE months! I can't imagine my life any other way though!
*For the longest time (pre-marriage, pre-children) I had way more guy friends then girl friends. I wasn't (still not) a drama type person. I've just always gotten along better with guys.

*Manny is the only serious boyfriend I've ever had.

*I want to be a homeowner one day, very soon! It doesn't have to big and fancy. Something cute and quaint is all I want, but I want it to be mine/ours!

*I think of my nephews (who passed away in May 2008) every single day!

*My Aunt Kathy told me that my dad died of a massive heart attack, but in my heart of hearts I think he died of a drug overdose. I'll never know the truth, and I'm okay with that, because if she did lie, she only did it to protect mine and my sisters hearts. (sorry to get deep and sad! :)

*One of the saddest days in my life has to be when my mom "lost" our house (well she didn't do it, but lack of help from my dad (NO help at all!) made her unable to pay the mortgage so we lost it. I wasn't sad for myself...I was 18 and fully grasped what was going on. I was sad for my mom who lost the only thing she owned. I cried for days. (deep again, sorry! :)

*I can not imagine NOT going to church every Sunday. I really can't. It's just such a part of our life! :)

*I wanted to be a vet growing up, I would cry if I heard about animals passing away, or saw it on a TV show, now, not so much. Nothing against animals, I am just NOT an animal person, especially cats. SORRY! :)

*Whenever I want to cuss, I say "Punch!" (it's a word that has actually caught on at work! :) and it makes me feel SO much better

*I teach Sunday school to 2-3 year olds every Sunday. It is easily one of the most trying things I have to do on a weekly basis! ;) Especially when, at times, there is 12+ children in the class.

*I'm slightly obsessed with enter giveaways on blogs! :)

*I love reading about other families, seeing pictures of peoples children, etc. Even though I don't "know" you in real life, it's still neat. I'm not a weirdo, I swear! :)

*My patience level has dropped DRAMATICALLY since having a second child. Just being honest! :) I love my children more then life itself, CLEARLY, but I could definitely use more patience.

Okay, this was random and all over the place, but I think that's long enough! :)



Jeska said...

Nice getting to know you better! This was fun! I've lived in MD my entire life too!

Kristy said...

People in the south are really nice! I'm from NC - born and raised. Then we moved to NY a few years back.

Maybe I should try your "punch" trick!

Jennifer said...

My dad, still living has made some pretty bad decisions regarding money and my parents lost their house almost 2 years ago, now they rent. I was sad for my mom who has never deserved half the stuff my dad has done to her. I have a wonderful husband but he is completely shy and we both are Christians and haven't been to church in forever. It makes me sad. But it also makes me sad to go to church and have my husband not talk to anyone but me or our kids because he is just that shy. Making friends and couple friends is pretty much the hardest thing to do because of his shyness and dependecy on me to be his only friend. Ugh but I love him. (Sorry to divulge such personal info) And whenever I want to cuss I'll say SERIOUSLY!! or Fudgesicle ripple. Don't know how I thought of it, it just came to me and stuck.

Lindsay said...

I didnt know you teach sunday school :) I love these posts :)