Monday, December 27, 2010

Pictures Part 3 (Christmas afternoon & evening)

I have to preface these first 4 pictures by saying that although we tried SO hard to get a picture of my mom with all 4 of her grandchildren, that was just not meant to be. Manuel and Vivienne cooperated (I was shocked in regards to Manuel), but 11 month old Mia and 16 month old Spencer wanted NOTHING to do with sitting still. So, without further ado....

My mom and her newest granddaughter, Vivienne Michele
Nonna and Mia

Nonna and Manuel

Nonna and Spencer (shoe-less ;)

My new niece, Vivienne and I

Manuel and Vivienne

The "best" picture I could get of Manuel and Mia ;)

Mia playing with Spencer's new toy :)

Manuel and Spencer

Super adorable Spencer

Mia walking with my mom's help
My mom, Aunt Lucy and Nonna (their mom, my grandmother)

My sister, mom, Vivienne and I
Mia napping during the festivities at her Mom-Mom's house (Hubby's mom)

My new brown flats from MIL

I LOVE her profile-those cheeks! :)

Manuel, Mia and Manny opening up stockings at Mom-mom's house

Mia at the end of Christmas night! :)


Jeska said...

Very cute outfits on the kids!! Again, looks like it was a wonderful Christmas!

Mandy said...

Beautiful photos!! Look at all those goodies!

AmyLee said...

oh man, love all the super cute fany outfits :)

AmyLee said...


Kelly said...

Cute pictures! Love their Christmas outfits!