Monday, December 27, 2010

Pictures and stuff :)

Happy Monday! I should have definitely taken off of work today. It's not like I've slept in (that sort of goes out the window with an 11 month old and 4 year old :) but when my alarm went off at 5:20am I think I literally said, "UGHHH!!!" :) But it is what it is. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The Gomez's definitely did! After I got over the inital shock of Mia vomitting all over me on Thursday morning and realizing her kidney scan would definitely be postponed, it was easy to get in the Christmas spirit! (In case you were wondering...I don't think it was the stomach flu (which was going around). I think she drank too much liquids and without anything else in her system, combined with an AWFUL cough she has, she just got sick. Either way, it was in God's plan that she not have the scan done, so I accepted it and moved on! :) I will speak to her Nephrology office tomorrow (when the lady who schedules things returns) and find out when we can reschedule it. Like I said in my post the other day, my husband is having a full ACL reconstruction on 1/11/11, Mia's 1st birthday is 1/18/11 (her party is 1/22/11), and Manuel's 5th birthday is 1/31/11 (birthday party TBD! :) so January is VERY busy. Clearly whatever is going on is not life threatening, so we'll shoot for February. BUT back to Christmas talk...ours was great. Christmas Eve was spent relaxing around the house. Then my mom came over to give our Christmas gifts and annual Christmas jammies! :) Then the evening was spent at my husbands grandmothers (Buscia). We had a blast. Then Christmas morning was spent at our house with hubby, the kiddos and I. Then we went to my hubby's moms house. Then headed to my Aunt's to visit wtih my family, play games, etc.

I'll start with the Christmas Eve pics...
Mia opening up her very 1st Barbie from Nonna (my mom)

Totally unlike me :) but me "modeling" my new jacket from hubby

Manny opening his new "house shoes" (are we too young to refer to them as "house shoes"? Oh well, we do! :)
Mia and Daddy snuggling with her bear from Nonni (her great grandmother)

Mia rockin' her tutu from Tutu Corner

Buscia and Mia

This picture makes me laugh..A) it's adorable and B) they both look SO chubby-faced! :) They aren't but I guess because I've cropped myself out and it's so close-up they just look that way! :)

My beautiful little girl

O-U-T on the way home from Buscia's

But not her! :)

*Christmas Day pics will be posted shortly :) *


Hanna said...

Ahhhh.....MIa is SOOOOOO cute in her little red tutu. I can't wait to dress GInger up like that!!! How cute! I hope oyu had a wonderful CHristmas and I'm so glad Mia's preoceedure was postponed! Have a great day!!

Jeska said...

Aww such wonderful photos, looks like a great Christmas! That tutu is adorableee!!