Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 (actually 20!) of 2010

So as I mentioned in my previous post today, a lot of blogs I follow are doing a "Top 10 of 2010" link up where you post your favorite pics from 2010. Hmmm, only 10!?!?! That was WAY too hard, so I managed to narrow it down to a Top 20. These have nothing to do with the quality of the shot (I'm not a professional and have your standard point and shoot (unless I borrow my mom's fancy camera! ;) but I just LOVE these pics! It was SO hard to pick them, I can't express that enough, but without further ado, 20 of my fav pics from this year! :) (most of these have been posted at some point but here they are again) ...

Manuel meeting his baby sister for the first time
Mia as a newborn :)
 Manuel's makeshift 4th birthday party since his "real" party got cancelled because of a blizzard! :)
 Settling in to watch the Superbowl
 Sleeping baby close-up...enough said :)
 My big boy got worn out and just fell asleep sitting up
 One of the first warm days in the spring of 2010. We HAD to go outside and do a photo shoot! :)
 Spring time photo shoot FAV!
 Alex, Manuel and Gwen (I have been best friends with their moms for 21 years and 15 years)
 Mothers Day/Mia's Dedication
 Rockin' out in his jammies! :)
 Manuel actually took this pic of he and Mia

 On our way to the childrens museum for our Mommy/Manuel/Daddy day :)
I just LOVE how she is smiling at herself! :)
 My babies :)
 Manuel after getting his curls chopped off (Adorable, BUT Mommy was sad! :)
It was the first time I had let her feed herself and she got SO messy. This was a shot before bath time
 At the ocean. Manuel LOVED his new boogie board
4th of July...I just adore this pic of my two babies and I

I couldn't even ATTEMPT to pick pictures outside of those of my children. That would have made it even 1,000 times more difficult.

Here's to 2011! :)


amy (metz) walker said...

Precious pictures...and girl, I would have been SUPER sad if I'd seen all those gorgeous curls cut off too!

Jackie said...

Great pics! The one of Manuel rocking out is hilarious!

Happy New Year! :)

Ashley said...

Precious picture! Your kiddos are just adorable!

Amber said...

They are all so sweet, but I love the super bowl pic, the mirror pic with the wash cloth, and the kids hand in hand.

Thanks for linking up with us. We have had a blast hosting the Top 10 of '10!!!

Hanna said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE those pics. Mis is just too darn cute!!! Happy New Year to you too:)

Courtney said...

Aww man...those are some stinkin' cute kids! You did a great job of capturing your year and your little ones personalities!!

Thanks for linking up with us!

Jeska said...

What a fun year!! Love all the photos. Happy New Year!!