Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! :)

We are having our annual holiday potluck at work today (that I organize every year), Christmas music is playing and I am NOT in work mode AT ALL (do you notice a common theme in my posts when I mention work? ;) I really do LOVE my job, but this time of year it's just SO hard to concentrate! :)

On to some Friday, Fill in the blank fun...

1) I wish...that I could have more moments like I had yesterday...I was driving home from work, complaining about how long it was taking for my car to warm up when it hit me (like a ton of bricks!), "Christina, you are complaining of how cold it is in your car because your heat is taking too long to warm up. Think of all the people who have to LIVE in their cars that don't have working heat or even worst PEOPLE WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS!!!" Even on my toughest day (financially or otherwise), my family and I are still SO much more blessed then many others!

2) Yesterday I....worked, picked up Mia from Linnie's house and then Manuel from school. I rushed home to do the "evening routine" while Manny was working over time.

3) Today I will...leave shortly to pick Mia up from Linnie's (Linnie has a doctors appt today. Without getting too personal, please say a prayer for her. We love Linnie SO much (she watched Manuel from the time he was 8 months old until he was 4! and now she watches Mia!) Mia will come back to work with me. We'll enjoy the potluck (and maybe throw some work in there! ;) , my mom will come here to pick Mia up, I'll throw in some more work, head home, and enjoy our family time! :)

4) Tomorrow I will...wake up and go get my hair done (YAY!!!! An early Christmas present) by one of my dearest friends, Kelli (she was named Top Stylist in the Best of Baltimore). LOVE her! Then home for family time and company is coming over for dinner

5) will warm up some this weekend. Doubt it! :)

6) Someday...I hope hubby and I have another child. If it happens, it won't be until both kids are in school.

7) I love...being appreciated. I did this thing last month, on Facebook, where every day I wrote something that I was thankful for. On several occasions (on Facebook and even out in public) people (who are my friends on FB) took the time to tell me how uplifting my statuses were, how they appreciated my positivity and happiness, etc. It was very heart warming to know that people saw it as inspiring and uplifting and truly took the time to tell me! :)
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Lindsay said...

This is so fun :) Have a great weekend friend!