Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (and Mobile Monday a few days late! :)

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is enjoying their week. Hubby is working over time in the mornings (which means I have to get myself and two children up, ready, fed and out the door by 6:45am! :) and in the evenings (which means I have to get myself and two children, fed, bathed, "jammied" (as in their PJ's :) so it's been hectic. I will say one thing...I do NOT know how single mothers do it! I know when you have no other choice, you just do, but it's very overwhelming! :) Thankfully it's just for this week, as they cram in some end of the year stuff at his range. AND it works out perfectly because Christmas is clearly going to take a toll on our bank account and then as soon as it's over and we have two seconds to breathe (financially speaking) :) then it's both of the kids birthdays (1/18/11 and 1/31/11). So althought it's tiring, the OT is MUCH needed and appreciated! :)

How's that for "wordless"? ;)

Now, on to the picture (I don't think I've shared this one before)...
And if I have shared this before, well enjoy this HIGH quality cell phone pic again! ;)


Jeska said...

Over time is great right before Christmas! My Hubby has had quite a few hours of mandatory OT, can only be thankful for it!

Jackie said...

Out the door by 6:45?! Isla and I are still working on doing that and it's almost noon! Way to go :)