Thursday, January 27, 2011

My almost 5 year old...

T-minus 4 days until my first born turns 5! :) He really is such a sweet kid! I'm working from home today (because of the snow) and watching him and Mia interact is so cute. He is currently pushing her around on her Leap Frog bus, being extra careful so that she won't fall off :)

He's growing up SO fast..
Manuel: "My toes hurt!"
Me: "Really bud?"
Manuel: "Yes, because they are growing. Remember Mommy, I'm going to be 5 and start kindergarent soon." :(

Don't get me wrong, he tests my patience (more then twenty once a day! ;) but I love him more then words can express!

And for good measure...(apparently he was going through a no smiling stage! (minus the last pic! ;))


Kayla said...

I absolutely love his hair and debonair look lol!

Lindsay said...

What a happy little guy :)