Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celebration of Manuel (cont)

*See yesterdays posts to read about Mia's Winter ONEderland*

I can't believe my sweet, adorable, precious first born is going to be turning 5 in a few short days. He is REALLY excited (as most of his classmates are already 5!) and he's SUPER excited for his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese on 2/5. Unfortunately Mommy made a huge mistake and made his 5 year check-up and Mia's one year check-up on the 31st (Manuel's actual b-day) which means that in the morning he'll be getting a shot (or two!) SHOTS ON HIS BIRTHDAY!??!?! Eeek, major fail on my part! :( I tried to call and re-schedule it but the nurse made it clear that since I had already scheduled this months back, trying to find another back-to-back well child appt (for both kids) was going to put me a few months out. Clearly that can't happen so hopefully Manuel will forgive me. He told me that since we are taking cupcakes to his school, after the appt, so they can celebrate his birthday, that'll make it all better. I hope so! :)

Now, on to more pics of my sweet Manuel ...

 Getting ready to head to Dutch Wonderland for the first time
 Playing at Mom-moms house
Having fun in the baby pool at our old house 

Meeting his cousin Makayla (on my husbands side) for the first time 
 Manuel and I (quite possibly my favorite pic of he and I)
 Flash forward 4 year...my big boy and I :(
 He wanted to re-enact a picture I have of Mia and him like this from when she was first born. Then he needed a shot of just him :) (FOR ONCE he actually wanted his pic taken!)
After all of this birthday posting craziness is over, I've decided I'm going to "get real" here on my blog. Don't get me wrong, my life is amazing and wonderful, and everything I write on here is true, but life hasn't always been so wonderful. I've touched on it a time here or there, but never really in detail. I feel like people might judge me or stop reading but it is what it is. Although I am not always proud of where I came from (or the life I've lived) it's part of me and who I am today, so therefore it shouldn't be "hidden". I've been inspired by several blogs that I follow where they are so open and honest. It makes me want to write more from the heart, more reality and not always about how adorable my children are! :) Maybe I can inspire a reader or two, or give them hope, like reading about others REAL lives has really given me hope. Things like drug addiction, coming up on a 5 year wedding anniversary that looking back probably shouldn't be happening but because of God's grace and amazingness will be HAPPILY celebrated :), etc.


Jackie said...

The more I see of Manuel, the more I think he looks exactly like his Mama!

Mommy Kerin said...

Your little guys glasses look a lot like Caleb's. Are they the bendy frames? Our boys are close in age. Jacob will be 4 April 18th and Caleb will be 6 on April 14th. I love that curly, wavy hair!!! Beautiful photos!

Hillary said...

Such sweet kids! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a heart-felt message!

Hanna said...

awwww......I love his curls